Popular Color Choice: Decorating with Blue Art Prints

Popular Color Choice: Decorating with Blue Art Prints

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 7th Jan 2022

From the vast sky to the deep ocean, all the good things nature has offered us represent the color blue. This calming shade has some sort of stability, inspiration, and reliability humans hanker for every day. Ouch! Let’s not address the elephant in the room.

Even though nothing seems right, you still have hope to decorate your living space with blue shade canvas prints and feel good and positive from the inside.

Arttree has shortlisted a few prints in blue color that will surely dress your walls in style.

Porcelain Moroccan Style

This Mediterranean art inspired by the ancient motifs, designs, and patterns used in Rome, Egypt, and Greece looks amazing on the walls and gives your home a royal touch combined with a vintage vibe. To complement the overall look, make sure you use a cushion set or sofa upholstery in blue color just as shown in the image.

Peacock Bird Feathers

To add some glory and charm, bring home this 3-panel art featuring the peacock Bird and its feathers so elegantly that you can’t keep your eyes off it. Just a simple glance won’t be enough to satiate your soul as it is extremely mesmerizing and sophisticated to look at. The intelligent use of blue color mixed with white and fine detailing makes this art even more captivating to the eyes.

Watercolor Blue Leaves

Botanical prints have the potential to turn any dull room into an attractive place to spend time in. They look beautiful, soothe your eyes, create visual interest, and most importantly, they go well with any style of interior. This art featuring leaves in blue tones looks great on the empty wall and if matched with cushion covers or sofa set, it completes the room décor in the blink of an eye.

Waves Future Quote

Featuring ocean waves and an inspiring quote, this art set is serving us with the best of both worlds. Sharing home with this timeless piece will surely be magical. Such kinds of canvas prints not only enhance the look of the interiors and make the ambiance more welcoming for the guests but also put your mind at ease and relax your nerves. Bring this companion to your empty wall, and get this eye-pleasing surprise ready for your friends.

Blue Splodges

The abstract spots in blue hues make this art worthy of all the attention and praise. Be it your living room or bedroom, this print will indeed brighten up your days and fill you with much-needed energy. The colors in the artwork influence our minds and thoughts, and blue is certainly that color that symbolizes peace and calmness. This blue canvas wall art is all set to enliven your space with all its splendid beauty.

No matter how expensive the accessories, furniture, and other home décor items you have, if you leave the walls empty, then you will always find something missing in the house. Visit Arttree and get your hands on our exclusive collection of canvas art prints in a variety of colors, panels, and sizes. Pick the ones that resonate with your personality.