Most Popular Artwork: Abstract Paintings

Most Popular Artwork: Abstract Paintings

Posted by Jessica jones on 7th Feb 2021

We all strive for uniqueness! Anything one of a kind grabs our attention. Isn’t it? It makes us think and ponder. Art itself is a unique subject. But even among its various genres, abstract art stands out as a distinctive form.

In recent times, abstract paintings have gained overwhelming popularity. People around the globe are appreciating it. If you like it, you can get one for yourself from the range of paintings we have hand-picked for you. Let’s have a look:

White Blossoms on Your Wall

Almost everyone likes floral art. It conveys a sense of simplicity. If you, too, admire this art form, you will want to look at this painting. The white impasto flowers seem delicate, and they look bright against the colorful background. The abstract background creates a contrast, which gives depth to the painting.

It will go well with contemporary and rustic home décor. You can put this up on a light-colored wall in your living room. It will instantly brighten the area.

The Golden Birds

Do you like striking but straightforward wall art? Then we might have the perfect piece for you. Here is a purely abstract painting filled with poignant textures and strokes. The shades of blue and the wavelike structures give a nautical feel to the artwork. But that's the beauty of the abstract form- one can never be sure. The gold detailing is striking. It brings the background into focus. The flock of golden birds makes them more vibrant. opt for a light-toned backdrop if you want a serene feel in your room. A dark background can also bring out the contrast in the painting.

A blue View

This abstract painting looks like the top view of an oceanic landscape. It is heavily textured and a bright piece. The shades of blue and green blend perfectly with each other and create an aesthetically pleasing artwork. The different textures, along with the gold detailing, add much-needed vigor to the painting. The golden border completes the look. You can put it up in your hallway. It will attract the attention of everyone that steps into your house!

The Grand Piano

Is music your bringer of peace? If you adore music and harbor a love for vintage instruments, you will cherish this abstract wall art of a grand piano. This handmade painting is attractive and unique. The brushwork is immaculate and gives an edge to the piece. It is best suited for your studio but can also infuse a sense of aestheticism into your living room.

Color Pop

Light up your room with this piece of vibrant abstract art. It is knife painting, and the use of bright contrasting colors gives it a contemporary look. It will blend smoothly with your modern home décor. Put it up on a bare light-colored wall to bring out the definitions of the painting.

In a nutshell, each of these wall art pieces is hand drawn and will lend an artistic touch to your home. You can even gift these paintings to your art-loving peers. These will look good on your office walls as well!