Modern Wall Art: Embracing Fresh Décor Ideas

Modern Wall Art: Embracing Fresh Décor Ideas

Posted by John Wright on 22nd Mar 2022

Modernity has brought a new wave of change in every industry- be it fashion, electronics, let alone home décor. Gone are the days, when interior decoration was confined to the affluent, but now things have changed.

In this modern-day age, everyone wishes to live in a nicely-decorated home, brimming with fresh décor ideas defining beauty and grace. And why not, it creates a welcoming ambiance for the guests as well as keeps the inhabitants happy and peaceful.

Considering the significance of home décor, we, at Arttree, are offering modern art prints to glamourize the drab walls. As its name suggests, these canvas wall art prints depict unconventional images, quirky patterns, and outlandish combinations of different art styles. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Madrid Paris New York Maps

For modern interiors, you need something distinctive and unique to complement the existing décor style. Therefore, this 5-piece wall art set depicting the maps of Madrid, New York, and Paris is the finest choice to make.

With its presence, you can easily catch your guests’ attention, thereby making them feel amazed by its one-of-a-kind composition and identity. To complete the look, you must buy an indoor plant and a decorative lamp to team up with a plush sofa set. Are you ready to achieve this look?

Human Obverse Canvas Art Set

This 5-piece art set is a perfect embodiment of modern art. It depicts the amalgamation of abstract figures and forms with geometric shapes. From a human face to the bare body of a female, to curved lines, and geometric shapes, every object used in the art has redefined the standards of modern art.

You can use this set to spice up the walls of your living room or bedroom, where you generally spend quality me-time after a tiring day at work.

Fashionable Femme Wall Art Set

Your interiors speak volumes about your personality and profession. If you belong to the world of fashion or have a special interest in iconic makeup brands, then you can go for this stylish 5-piece art set.

It depicts a glamorous model, lipstick, famous brands like COCO, and Prada, a luxury fashion house. Its presence will instantly turn the vibe of the ambiance, leaving an impact on everyone who looks at it. For a classy and trendy visual appeal, make this art set yours today.

Poppy Blooms

There is something magical about the floral modern art, which makes it worthy of all the attention. From the colors used to represent poppy blooms to the soft use of brushstrokes, everything about this art will take the aesthetics of your home décor to new heights. This set of 3 prints will cover the emptiness of the wall behind the set, and complement the existing furniture and décor objects.

Breaking the shackles of traditional home design settings and leaving behind the ordinary styles of decorating walls, Arttree has truly revolutionized the way we used to adorn empty walls. Pick a modern wall art from Arttree's exclusive collection, and begin the décor journey without putting a strain on your wallet as all our products are fairly priced.