Metal Vs. Stone - What Material Should you Pick for your Sculptures

Metal Vs. Stone - What Material Should you Pick for your Sculptures

Posted by Emma Anderson on 7th Feb 2022

Although you can get sculptures made by various materials these days, metal and stone sculptures have remained evergreen throughout centuries. They were one of the first artistic expressions made by mankind and are treasured by people worldwide to this day. The versatility of these sculptures allows people to install them without thinking twice about the theme of their home decor. But this raises an important question, is the stone the right choice for your sculptures or metal?

Here is a brief comparison between stone and metal sculptures so that you can make an informed decision during your next purchase!


People don't change their home decor every other day, so the items you invest in must have long-term potential.

Both stone and metal sculptures have a sturdy make and are usually heavyweight. This reduces the chances of them just falling off and breaking. But in the off chance that it does happen, metal sculptures resist all damage. Stone sculpture might break or chip if hit with high intensity or thrown from a great height. Hence, metal sculptures are a better alternative in terms of longevity.

Visual Appeal

Both stone and metal sculptures come in various shapes, designs, and sizes. A change in the type of stone or metal makes a great difference in the overall look of the sculpture too.

Metal Sculptures fare better if you want your house to have a classy and regal look. They never really go out of fashion, so you can repurpose them in different areas of your house, office, or commercial establishment. With proper maintenance, metal sculptures can keep shining for years and give your home a luxurious ambiance.

Stone sculptures can be found in both abstract formats or the form of figurines. They have a soothing appearance and look the best under daylight.


You can find both metal and stone sculptures in a wide price range, determined by the quality of the material used and the seller's margin. Affordable stone sculptures usually don't possess a polished look, so if you want your space to look put together, you might have to spend a little more money.

On the other hand, metal sculptures look gorgeous no matter their price. The only thing that might be slightly bothersome is the rust, but you can find a way around it by shopping from a store that sells anti-rust sculptures.


All in all, both metal and stone sculptures can beautify your home. But in terms of maintenance and value for money, the metal variant outdoes the stone. If you're looking to shop for some metal sculptures from the comfort of your home, Arttree can be an excellent option. They are home to a wide selection of sculptures depicting different situations at a reasonable price. They are a customer-friendly platform, so no matter where you live - Arttree will deliver your choice of art prints in pristine condition. So, begin your print browsing now!