Metal Sculptures For Your Office Desk

Metal Sculptures For Your Office Desk

Posted by Keira Knightley on 28th Oct 2021

Offices are serious-looking places, and they usually have very dull interiors. But there's no harm in wanting to add some color and fun to these rooms. If you have been thinking of jazzing up your very organized office desk, we have some eye-catching metal sculptures for you! Let’s delve right in!

The Metal Guitarist

Let your colleagues know about your love for music by displaying this figurine of a man playing his guitar on your desk. It is a simple sculpture but gives off a unique rock' n' roll vibe. The metallic finish lends it a contemporary look, and the use of muted colors like black, golden, and white makes it easy on the eye. You can not only keep it on your desk, but it will also look good on any wooden rack or shelf!

The Red Horse

If you are a hardworking and believe in daily progress and hard-earned success, this weaving horse metal sculpture is perfect for you. It portrays strength, determination, and the red color lends to it the perfect amount of passion. The smooth metallic shine makes it a contemporary piece. The weaving pattern is unique and gives off an abstract look. It is suitable for your office as it is not too flashy, but still stunning. It will look best on a glass table.

Blowing in the Wind

Do abstract artworks fascinate you? Then look at this metal sculpture of a ribbon twisting and turning on its whim. The choice of colors is remarkable- it is classy and sober. The metallic sheen will attract onlookers in an instant. The free-flowing ribbon and the firm rectangular structure present a stark visual contrast, which is captivating. It will go well with muted office decor and add a spark to it.

The Dog on your Table

Who doesn't adore dogs? They spread love and joy wherever they go. If you are a canine lover, get this metal figurine of a cute dog for yourself. The braided pattern makes this piece uncommon, and the golden and brown color is perfectly suitable for your office. They might not allow you to bring your pet to the office, but you can at least keep a little something on your desk that will remind you of him.

The Happy Frog

Trying to find something quirky for your grave-looking office room? We have got you covered. One glance at this cutesy frog metal sculpture, and there's no turning back. It is fun, attractive, and iconic. The vibrant colors and the splotchy pattern gives it a realistic look that can brighten up any corner. Keep it on your desk and watch it shine.

It's hard to select anyone from these intriguing metal sculptures, but once you find the one that suits you the most, you can sit back and note all the compliments you receive from your colleagues! It's worth it!