Make a Décor Statement with Floral Wall Art

Make a Décor Statement with Floral Wall Art

Posted by Sara Taylor on 19th Mar 2022

Whether it is for decoration purposes in events or to communicate the deepest feelings elegantly, the beauty of flowers makes them the best tool to put a smile on our faces. Undoubtedly, the presence of flowers triggers positive emotions, and considering this, Arttree has come up with a stunning collection of flower wall art.

These pieces of art will freshen up the décor of your home, office, hotel, and café, thereby making your space look as charming as these handmade paintings available with us. Take a look and decide for yourself how you want your rooms to look:

Calico Blooms Artwork

This 2-piece floral painting depicts the calico shade blooms with leaves and abstract patterns. As it is a 100% hand-painted premium artwork, rest assured that it will continue to spellbind your guests for many more years to come. With the use of striking colors and exquisite subjects, every feature of this art makes this piece even more desirable.

Big Flower Tree Artwork

Fascinating and timeless, the blossoms represented in this handmade painting are created by an acrylic palette knife to give a heavy texture look to the flowers and tree branches. It gives a 3D effect. The embossed visual appeal looks great on the barren wall and leaves an impact on everyone who looks at it, even for once. You can place an order for this before it gets too late.

Colorful Epergne Artwork

Gushing over this splendid artwork? Well, it does require extra praise and compliments because it has blossomed with hues that give a calming effect to the eyes. It brings a soothing vibe to the interiors while making them look peaceful and serene. The abstract pattern and shades serve as an added characteristic to the artwork.

Blue Big Flowers

Known for its cooling effect, blue is a color that turns any boring interior into a classic ambiance that draws everyone’s attention. This artwork consists of beautiful blue-hued blooms that will inject life and personality into a décor scheme. You can incorporate so much into your home, but decorating walls with such sophisticated paintings brings a different feel to the space. Adorn a stark wall with this, and flaunt it proudly indoors.

Motley Poppies

If you want your home to reflect a balanced yet vibrant look, then this 2-panel handmade painting set is something you must vouch for. It is minimalistic but never looks dull and mundane, especially when the existing décor is not so flashy and loud. To add an interesting perspective, abstract patterns like spots and brushstroke shades in the background are used extensively.

A variety of textures and patterns define the style of your space. And, we have a plethora of choices that inspire wall décor ideas and go well with both- contemporary and timeless interior settings. Visit Arttree today, and get your hands on our exclusive collection of floral canvas art. Every painting we sell ensures top-notch quality and an affordable price range. Look into our collection now!