Liven Up Your Room with 3 Piece Nordic Art Set

Liven Up Your Room with 3 Piece Nordic Art Set

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 14th Jun 2021

Art can change the dynamics of a home. Imagine a room without any trace of art- would you want to stay there? Possibly, no. Therefore try incorporating art in your home decor. The best way to do that is by investing in beautiful wall art. Your walls will not only look aesthetic and Instagram-worthy but will also infuse a sense of positivity and cheerfulness into your rooms if you choose the right kind of canvas print set.

If the variety of art genres confuse you, you can never go wrong with abstract art. They are versatile, unique, and each piece is one-of-a-kind. If you are a beginner in this field, look for abstract art sets for your home- they will give dimension and an artsy vibe to the rooms. To help you find the most suitable art piece for your home, we have in store five hand-picked 3 piece Nordic Art sets that will look good almost everywhere!

The Abstract Wildlife

If you are fond of minimalist abstract art that will not overpower the other elements in your room, you should consider this somber canvas print set. The prints are soothing and will look perfect in your study or office. Due to the simplistic art, it will also complement a kid’s room. This set will blend in with the contemporary home decor and look great against both light and dark walls.

The Amalgamation

Geometric prints are one of the latest trends of the present times. They are fun, quirky, and unique. This is why people are now using geometric prints for their home decor. You can opt for this wall art set that blends geometric patterns with stunning colors. The sleek golden frames complete the look and lend a contemporary touch to the prints. You can hang this over your coffee table or study table to add the perfect amount of aesthetic touch.

The Marble Wall

Marble tiles, furniture, and decor items are hard to resist- they have an innate artistic quality that makes marble stones one of the most desired items. If you harbor a similar liking towards marble, you can bring home this ornate abstract art set that will seamlessly blend in with the modern home decor. The grey tone looks sophisticated and classy and will enhance the elegance of your beautiful home.

The Flock Of Feathers

Feathers are fascinating- they are colorful, light, and have unique patterns on them. Eternalize your love for feathers with this Nordic print of a few mesmerizing feathers. The color palette of this canvas print set is wide-ranging; hence you can put it up against both dark and light-colored walls. This digital print can brighten up any dull corner in an instant!

The Cartoon Batman

Give your kid’s room a much-needed makeover with this cutesy art set of the superhero Batman. It comes with two typography prints- one with a fun Batman quote and the other with alphabets. You can put it up against a light-colored wall to bring out its brightness. Let your child learn and play with this quirky wall art set.

Each of these art prints is uncommon and will become conversation starters at your next kitty party! So head over to our online store, bring home your favourite canvas print set and prepare yourself for loads of compliments on the artsy home decor!