Large Oversized 5 Piece Abstract Prints For Hotel Balcony

Large Oversized 5 Piece Abstract Prints For Hotel Balcony

Posted by Ana Stone on 22nd Jun 2021

Interior designing is of utmost importance for hotels. Reputed hotels are associated with aestheticism, amicable and uplifting mood, and a luxurious ambience. These factors serve as a benchmark for the quality of service and comfort that guests look forward to. How pleasing the interiors of a hotel looks says a lot about what one can expect from the authorities. Thus, you will find hotel owners spending a lot of money, bringing in experts and professionals, all to make their properties look the finest in the eyes of their clients.

If you are a hotel owner then you will already be familiar with the effort and time one has to dedicate to beautify every part of the building. We have a solution that will save your time and money- get hold of canvas art prints- they can create magic and alter the feel of an entire floor. You can hang them on the hotel balconies and watch your guests stare at them on their way to their rooms! We have in store five piece large oversized wall art sets that you will like:

The Band of Musicians

Good music can lift the mood of any room, and so can art. Think about what might happen when the two come together- this gorgeous 5 piece of abstract print bears the proof. It is the perfect art print for any decor. You can put this up against both light and dark colored walls. With adequate lighting and strategic positioning, this piece will become a conversation starter!

Birds in the Forest

Add a touch of nature & wildlife to your hotel balcony with this marvelous panel art print of a flock of fluffy birds resting on thin branches. The base blue color exudes a sense of calmness, and the shadow effect of the birds add to the abstract theme of the print. The gold outlines give off a contemporary vibe that is most suited for modern decor. Both light and dark backgrounds will bring forth different looks of this art print.

The Lines of Black and White

Sometimes, monochrome canvas art prints are all you need to add a little zing to the interior decor of your hotel! This large oversized wall art consisting only of black and white stripes and swirls can be the game-changer. The grey and silver undertones make the print more lively and give it a modern touch. It will look great against a bright solid colored wall. The more the contrast, the better the looks.

Rainbow on the Wall

There is no better way to add some color to your hotel balcony than putting up a stunning abstract art print featuring the colors of the rainbow! The undertone of the flower makes the image all the more mystical. The panel-like structure and the visual illusion contribute to the contemporariness of this art print. It will blend well with modern decor and look good against a light colored wall.

The Tree with Swirls

Want something enchanting and enigmatic for your hotel balcony? Look no further; we have got the perfect 5 piece abstract print for you. The swirling branches and the concentric circles of different colors in the background add to the abstractness of the print. It is vibrant and has a magnetic charm. A light or white colored wall will be best for this contemporary art print.


If you happen to like any of the above multi panel art prints that we handpicked for you, head over to our online store. You will find a plethora of options you can choose from. Select the ones that you think will suit your hotel interiors the most, and place your order. We will deliver them to your doorstep!