Large Art Deco Prints for Modern Living

Large Art Deco Prints for Modern Living

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 7th Sep 2021

Are you thinking of renovating or redecorating your old home? If you still live surrounded by ancient architecture and decor, it is time to give your home a modern twist. This task is not as easy as it sounds. If you are inexperienced, consulting a professional interior designer might help you a great deal. While you concentrate on the color schemes and furniture arrangements in every room, do not neglect the bare walls. They will need a retouch as well- and what better way to infuse life into your walls than by putting up art prints on them!

Art deco is a modern art style that is sure to liven up any room and give your home a very modern makeover, making it trendy! If you have trouble finding reliable wall art for your home, we are here to solve all your problems! We have an admirable collection of prints that are unique, attractive, and well-suited for everybody! We have hand-picked a few 5 piece wall art prints from our enviable stock that will completely alter the mood and look of your home! Check them out:

The Baby Angels

If you have been looking for something adorable and cute for your bedroom wall, this art deco print is a must for you! It features two endearing baby angels, commonly known as cherubs, in a dreaming stance. Since cherubs are associated with romance and love, this print will promote an atmosphere of fondness and adoration. It will look vibrant against a white or light colored wall.

The Elephant Duo

How can someone not like elephants, especially calves? They are charming and lovable. If you harbor a fascination with these playful mammals, you would want to own this beautiful 5 piece wall art of two elephants. The background is bright and vivid and created in an abstract form, which lends the print a contemporary look. You can put it up in your kid’s room.

The Grey Toned Flowering Plant

Floral illustrations are always a mass favourite. They are pleasing to look at and spread a sense of positivity wherever they are kept. This floral canvas print is no exception. The combination of the bold background and the ashen plant is arresting. It looks exceptionally aesthetic and will brighten up any dull corner!

The Peaceful Jungle

If you want a nature painting with a modern touch, have a look at this art print. It has been created using a matte color palette of red, black, grey, and white and looks enchanting. You can place it in your living room, preferably against a white colored wall, to bring to focus the impressive quality of the print!

The Enlightened One

Since ancient times, Buddha has been associated with wisdom, knowledge, and patience. This serene art deco print boosts peace and positivity- two essential requirements for a good home. In the shape of the world map, the green foliage in the background creates the perfect contrast for the gleaming golden Buddha statue. It will look great against a light colored wall.

The Red Tree

This 5 piece wall art print of a red tree, against the bright and shining moonlight, will blend well with the contemporary living room decor. It exudes a sense of mysticism, which is sure to draw the attention of your guests! A light colored wall is a suitable choice for putting up this splendid red tree print.


These unique and distinctive canvas prints are bound to catch your eye. If you happen to like any of them, head over to our online site, and add it to your shopping cart. You will also find various other genres of art prints in our store that you might like! So, without further ado, buy some art deco prints and give your house a new appearance!