Interior and Art Goes Hand-In-Hand

Interior and Art Goes Hand-In-Hand

Posted by Johnson Baker on 22nd Oct 2020

Interior decoration and art are part and parcel of a beautiful house. These elements are complementary to each other. Interior decor is incomplete without art and vice-versa. The happiness and peace of mind that we feel at home is only due to decor and art of our home. So in real sense decor in itself is an art. Our mind gets de-stressed as and when we enter home after a long tiring day, provided that home has a good ambiance. Interior designing involves numerous aspects like proper planning, selection, color combinations, shape and size of items present and their proper placement in the available space. Creativity, imaginations and new ideas are needed to run interior and art hand-in-hand. Let us understand interior and art separately


Interior designing itself is an art. The requisite of interior designing is balancing the required elements and they are well synchronized. A right layout plan is on the top of the design list. It requires specialized work that can only be done by a skilled professional who has the right sense of experience and practice. To turn your space to luxurious living compliant, the designer adds decor accessories according to his creativity. The work of an interior designer is just akin to an artist. It involves a long process by combining all the aspects relating to best use of space and decorative items, to give a high end look to your abode. This all is possible only if the designer has a creative mind and innovative ideas.

Buying and choosing right quality decor is the index of your personality and aesthetics. A state of the art interior design transmits a great feeling of comfort, wellness and positive vibes which we can’t expect from other forms of art. A well interior design gives a soothing effect on our eyes and a feeling of satisfaction. This feeling enhances even more when we see furniture, the colour theme and texture in a well coordinated form. A well placed, well designed furniture, furnishing, nicely texture walls and carpeting play a pivotal role in any interior decor. Above all a good interior grabs the attention of the guests and in return we get their compliments also.


Art and decor are interrelated and it’s important to see them both as one when it comes to giving life to a space. After the implementation of plan designing and utilizing space properly by using and placing our precious furniture etc. for achieving desired standard of interior, next priority is to bring artefacts and wall art for spicing up the space. Wall art is the integral part of every home interior. Barren walls give an incomplete look to the room. Visualize art on the walls to bring life and energy to the vacant space. Beautification of walls is utmost important for creating a centre of attraction. Color of the walls helps to decide selecting particular wall art for the room. 

Size of wall art matters the most, select size which complements the available space that is not so small or not so big. Remember small size wall art will lose its sheen if placed on a big wall. There is an unending list of wall decor items but canvas wall art prints are the first priority of homeowners. By hanging a large framed or stretched canvas art on the wall behind the sofa set or above the headboard of your bed instantly draws the eyes on the spruced up walls. This can also be achieved by using wall hangings including both made of metals or wood, photo frames, mirrors, ceramic plates, antique designer clocks or creating a photo gallery to reminiscence old memories. Besides above, bar cabinet, coffee table, TV unit, and bookshelf that instantly upgrades any home decor.

Lighting plays a crucial role in interior decor. A dingy room never looks vibrant and cheerful. So, if you want to create an atmosphere that spew immense happiness and joy around your home, then make sure your rooms are adequately lighted using designer lamps or bulbs and find the right light source that can beautifully blend in with the décor scheme and prepare yourself to receive a bundle of compliments for your stylish home décor choices.