Interesting Animal Prints for Your Kids' Rooms

Interesting Animal Prints for Your Kids' Rooms

Posted by Ana Stone on 6th Jun 2021

Searching for good wall art for your home is not easy, especially if it concerns your kids' rooms. It needs to be simple but unique, age-appropriate and kid-friendly, bright and colorful, with the ability to spark off imagination. Due to the level of challenge associated with designing a kid's room, most guardians depend on home decor experts- but that is not always necessary. We can help you find the most suitable canvas prints for your little one’s room.

Among the various genres of art available, we decided to stick with animal prints because they are lively and a favourite among most children. Our collection of animal art prints comprises quirky portraits, enjoyable cartoon-like sketches, typography prints and abstract posters- and these can liven up your child’s room in an instant! Have a look at the ones we handpicked for you:

The Geometric Animals

If you are looking for wildlife prints that are sober and classy? Look no further, for we have got the perfect set of animal portrait prints for you. The thin golden borders, dichromatic color scheme, and geometric pattern contribute to the images' abstractness. They also lend a modern touch which makes the set perfect for contemporary home decor. A darker background wall will put more focus on the art pieces.

Three Exercising Cats

Who does not like playful cats? If your kids are fascinated by them, hang this set of three wall art in their room. The three cats showing off their extraordinary flexibility is humorous and will promote a light and happy atmosphere. There is not much use of colors, but the black and white combination gives it a more cartoon-like appearance. You can arrange the three prints together or even separately, depending upon the room's decor.

The Floating Blue Whale

Imagination is an essential part of childhood. Without this gift, life would have been bleak and monotonous. So, ignite the power of imagination in your children with this beautiful canvas print of a magnificent blue whale floating high up in the sky, near the shining moon, with a tiny old man on a saddle, riding on its back. It seems unrealistic but will kindle curiosity in children’s minds. The print exudes a sense of tranquility that will ensure peace in the room.

The Innocent Baby Deer

In both the human and animal world, babies are pretty similar in at least one respect- they are irresistibly cute. This digital print of a guileless brown fawn is perfect for your little child’s room. It is simple yet striking and will not overpower the existing decor of the room. You can place it over your baby’s cot against a light, pastel-shaded wall for a calming effect.

A Supercat And Two Nerds

Animals dressed in human attires are always a treat for the eyes. Give your kids’ room a makeover with this wall art set of three cutest animals adorning human accessories. The superhero cat in a cape and an eye mask, and the professional-looking dog and fox in nerdy glasses and bow ties, can charm and cheer up any crowd. You can place the three prints separately, in different rooms, if you plan to adhere to a theme. They will look good against brightly colored, as well as plain white walls.


These canvas art prints are made with precision and are built to last. They are visually charming and can create a positive and pleasant environment that will benefit your kids during their growing years. They are quite pocket-friendly, and though you have to dedicate your time and effort to choose the best prints, the result will be worth it!