Incredible Glass Sculpture Ideas for Your Home

Incredible Glass Sculpture Ideas for Your Home

Posted by John Wright on 25th Oct 2021

Glass is a highly preferred material when it comes to home décor and makeovers. We all love delicate and elegant glass figurines as home décor ideas. Especially for modern interior decoration, glass plays a vital role in upgrading the aesthetics of the home.

If you are also looking forward to collecting some fantastic glass sculptures for your home, let Arttree take care of your wishes. Whether you are looking for abstract designs or some fun ones, we have the most excellent ideas in mind that we cannot wait to share with you.

Here is a list of some of the most stunning modern sculpture ideas to enhance the beauty of your current décor.

Crystal Pumpkin

Pumpkins are one of the most magical vegetables that have been associated with folklore and fairytales. So, the artist seems to have presented a beautiful pumpkin sculpture that justifies all the magical tales revolving around this humble vegetable. The excellent blue color and the brilliant crystal finesse makes for an exquisite home décor item. Your contrast yellow detailing along with the green stem adds the adequate amount of vibrancy required. You can place this on your living room table as the centerpiece, and it undoubtedly impresses everyone who enters the space.

Beautiful Weaving

Contemporary sculpture is in high demand among people who are looking for classy home décor items. This ribbon-patterned sculpture is the perfect solution if you look forward to giving your home a modern makeover. The rich colors and elegant modelling used in this weaved tower is what quality abstract designs demand. Besides, the brilliant finishing on the sculpture gives it a crystal-like shine which is an example of the effort put in by the artisan. These are smaller décor items that enhance the beauty of your home without overpowering the existing design there.

Glossy Cattle

This is one of the most elegant animal sculptures you will find around. It has black and white diamond patterns all over the body, giving it a circus-style appearance that quickly catches the eye. A skilled craftsman expertly crafts the sculpture. Over 1000 high-temperature baking, modelling, and coloring processes were performed on each craft.

It is fashionable and simple with a variety of vibrant colors. Besides, the realistic yet delicate details make for an exquisite appearance that will attract your attention immediately. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence; each craft is a one-of-a-kind work of art, and each sculpture may vary slightly in shape and weight. That is, however, what distinguishes each sculpture as a one-of-a-kind work of art. It is a suitable ornament to increase the fun, light up life, and watch and enjoy, whether it is placed in the study room, living room, office, or as a gift for someone.

Cute Elephant

This is a cute little blue glass elephant with a lovely design. Its long nose inhales a red heart filled with love, symbolizing everlasting love. The delicacy of this modern sculpture shows the incredible talent of the craftsman. Almost no nuances are proving that it is crafted only by expert hands. This baby elephant is perfect for the children's room. You can also keep it on a corner shelf and let it exude happy vibes in the house.


Glass is a material that can up the charm of your interiors single-handedly. So, we suggest you take your time to choose the best ones only. You can explore our glass sculpture gallery for more fabulous ideas and acquire your favourite pieces at the most reasonable cost.