How to order Customised Paintings from Arttree

How to order Customised Paintings from Arttree

Posted by John Wright on 3rd Nov 2023

The world is a table where every person brings their unique personality and qualities. We all have different characters defined by our tastes, choices, preferences and style. Someone doesn't need to share the same preferences as others and vice versa. This is where the idea of personalised items or customisation becomes significant. Customised products are specifically made to align with an individual's specific preferences and needs. This not only adds meaning to these items but also creates an emotional connection. Such customised pieces are one-of-a-kind, making them not just ideal for personal use but also as meaningful gifts for others. Here is how to order fine-quality Customised paintings from Arttree.

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Arttree does not disappoint its customers when it comes to customised paintings. Your walls certainly deserve our high-quality handmade paintings available for a very reasonable price that will surely leave you in awe of our work. Our price is $189 (40 x 60 cm) for rolled canvas delivered. Stretched gallery wrap canvas or box framed art, we deliver it all. Choose from acrylic and oil canvas art, knife artwork, and famous old master oil reproduction paintings like Van Gogh, Claude Monet, etc. Contact us with your choice of photo and preferred size to get your hands on these beautifully crafted customised paintings.

Personal Portraits for the win

Portraits have the powerful ability to evoke emotions and tell compelling stories. Now, consider the impact that personalised portraits can have when crafted the right way. Arttree offers fine-quality personal portrait canvas paintings of your loved ones at a very fair price. For pet owners, infuse your home decor with the warmth of pet portraits. Our prices commence at just $289 (40 x 60cm) for rolled canvas delivered. Box framed artwork or stretched gallery wrap canvas delivered as per requirement. Our artists have 10+ years of experience and thus make very fine customised paintings. We offer free delivery; worldwide shipping is also available.

Canvas Photo Print

At Arttree, we go beyond customised paintings; we also offer custom canvas photo prints. Are you concerned about longevity? We offer high-quality custom canvas photo prints that are waterproof and fade-resistant, ensuring a canvas life of about 40 years. Whether you wish to enhance the appearance of your home or find the perfect gift, check out Arttree. Our prices start from $49 (40 × 60cm) for rolled canvas delivered. Reach out today with your photo and preferred size to bring home top-quality prints and experience HD EPSON/HP Printing. With 1000+ happy customers, Arttree continues to serve us with their fabulous custom canvas photo prints.


Upgrade your home decor game with our high-quality customised paintings/portraits/photo prints, all available at affordable prices. Our commitment to quality is unparalleled, making sure our customers are satisfied. Check out Arttree custom services to craft your meaningful, cherished item. Enjoy your shopping experience!