How to Mix Geometric Prints with Modern Home Décor

How to Mix Geometric Prints with Modern Home Décor

Posted by Keira Knightley on 10th Dec 2021

While buying artwork for our barren walls, we often face this conundrum- what pattern, style, or color should I pick to complement the existing interiors? Well, the perfect route to solve this dilemma is picking the artwork with common colors that can go well with any modern setting or do not clash with the existing color scheme. Well, to create an impact with a statement-making wall, you must trust the geometric wall art available with Arttree. So, it’s time to whip out your notepad and start noting the ideas!

Smoke Effect

The grayish or bluish tint in the room provides the base for this geometric wall art to stand out and create a soothing, light, and whimsical vibe. The light-colored curtains and furniture units have been kept neutral to accentuate the beauty of the artwork with smoke effects and geometric patterns. To buy geometric wall prints. Consider only Arttree as we know what works the best for your avant-garde interiors.

Mountain Peak Sunrise

You may find a plethora of geometric wall prints online, but the ones you get to see here will truly make your day. Striking colors like blue, orange, yellow can make a great combination for an art that has a story to tell. A neutral-colored sofa set also adds a shot of glamor to the living room and provides a harmonious balance of colors in the room. The art adds depth and character while the light hues in furnishings and upholstery make the room look calm and welcoming. What do you think?

Geometric Leaves Circles

The best investment in colors is made through the canvas art prints, while the wall is kept white and plain. The black, mustard, brown, and blue colors in a variety of patterns and geometric circles make this 3 piece wall art worthy of all the attention. Moreover, the white walls allow this art to flourish and own the space. To add cheer in the room, you can keep decorative objects and lamps as shown in the image. When you buy geometric wall prints from us, there is no way you won’t get compliments from your guests for classy wall décor choices.


What we honestly adore in this art is the combination of vivid, bright colors and abstract lines, and geometric shapes. See how the colors used in the art have livened up the room and effortlessly uplifted the mood and look of the space. This geometric wall art makes a perfect addition to home décor. The high-octane hues help bring the much-needed energy to the light-toned rooms and look captivating to the eyes.


The bright azure of the wall gives elegance to the interiors and makes the ambiance look royal and one-of-a-kind. Here, the dark tone on the wall gives way to attract the eyeballs on this artwork featuring a zodiac sign. Being plain and clear, this art doesn’t block the way and creates an intense, rich ambiance that acts as a great pull for guests.

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