How To Choose Right Artwork For Your Walls

How To Choose Right Artwork For Your Walls

Posted by Johnson Baker on 18th Oct 2020

Fed up with the same decor for years and are you confused on what to do with your plain walls in your house? Don’t get disheartened, there are a number of options open to beautify your walls, just you have to follow some tips only. A room with plain walls often gives an incomplete look. Wall art makes your home inviting so plan and decide first witch art to put on walls. It is a fact that choosing the right wall art to compliment your walls can be one of the trickiest things in decorating them. How you decorate your walls show your status, style, personality and choices, so choose them judiciously. For selecting your perfect piece follow these top tips:


Art must suit your style so choose art according to your preferences and liking. It should not be a forced decision to choose a required art piece, rather there should be a willingness and collective opinion of other members of the house also, and that means a lot. There are a number of wall art varieties with respect to their size, colors and style, so choosing and selecting few pieces is a difficult task. If you like the one, get it. Make sure it is something that makes you happy every time you look at it.


Color is the most important factor for home decor. Color of the wall must compliment the art, furniture and furnishing. Background color of wall art should preferably match with the wall color. You can select art in black-and-white tone also, as they are non-conflicting and go well with every wall and its shade. Select pieces that make you happy and attract not only you but also visitors.


For easy and quick decisions, size of art matters. Select size of art according to your available space. If you are going to put canvas wall art prints or handmade paintings then remember that the size of this art should not be more than 70% the width of the sofa or head board of your bed. Different sizes of wall art available can be considered according to the space to be used. You can use variants like big, large, medium, small and mini wall art decor for your home. Putting big size wall art is a centre of attraction as it dominates the walls. Large size art is in common use and every one prefers them. But remember don’t overdo them. Small art pieces can be aligned with the medium or mini sized to create an art gallery for an elegant look of walls. Alternatively mini framed art can be placed on shelves also. While choosing the size, you should also keep the height of the ceiling in mind.

Personalizing Art

Decorate your walls giving them a personal touch. Buy the art what you love even though it is cheap. Don’t go for a price tag. Sometimes very costly art fails to adorn, opposite to a simple, sober and low priced art. So make sure it is something that makes you happy every moment you look at it.

You deserve a place that complements your sense of style that makes you elated whenever you are there. So, you need your wall art decor to be aligned with the aura of your home. These tips definitely will help achieve exactly what you are searching for. Now that you have a bundle of creative ways to spruce up the walls of your sweet home, make sure, you make the decisions after giving careful thought as you will be looking at those wall decorations every day and for a longer period of time.