How to Choose a Sculpture for Your Living Room

How to Choose a Sculpture for Your Living Room

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 1st Mar 2021

Each home tells a story and living room is the conversation starter. It’s that core element around which the entire story revolves. It’s where you can make guests feel welcome and warm. Its ambience and look can be enhanced with the right artwork. Art that not only looks beautiful but also expresses the personality of the family.

Believe it or not, a lot of thinking goes into choosing a piece of art that is in harmony with living room interiors. While getting tall statues for home décor can make a statement, smaller ones can give finishing touches to your living room.

There are no rules on how to choose a sculpture for your living room, but there’s always inspiration. Here are some ideas that’ll set you on the path of a well-decorated living room.

Buy something that thrills you

Sculptures are never mundane. They are full of life and adventure and can add the same to your living room. Choose artwork that motivates you and makes you happy. Only then can your guests feel welcomed.

Opposites attract

How about considering a contemporary piece of sculpture for traditional space and vice versa? This will add visual interest to your living room and grab everyone’s attention. Trying to match artwork to your living room interiors won’t be a great idea. Instead complement and contrast so that the sculpture’s appeal doesn’t get lost.

Quality is priceless

Never be afraid of choosing quality animal statues for home. You might find them expensive at first, but they’ll be remembered long after the price is forgotten. You’ll be glad to get them home when you look at the elevated beauty of your living room. In the end, it’s the quality that matters.

Balance form and function

Adorning your living room without being practical would be foolish. It’s a space that needs to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. It’s desirable to achieve visual balance. A large size sculpture will not only encourage the visual balance but also give a focal point to the living room, around which other things can be arranged.

Space optimization

Choosing the right size is both important and a bit of work. If you find a piece of art that’s not the right size or color to fit in your living room, ask if you can get a customized piece. For smaller living rooms, pick impactful sculptures that will add decoration while still fitting in.

Sculptures can transform a space and add the essence of your personality to it. Living room is the core of your home. No matter its size or style, it’s a room where you interact with people and make meaningful relationships. Doesn’t it deserve the perfect décor?

If yes, then you are at the right place. We have a wide range of sculptures that are must-haves for your living room. Find your inspiration here.