How to Accent the Wall Behind the Sofa Set?

How to Accent the Wall Behind the Sofa Set?

Posted by Josh Phillips on 25th Apr 2022

While we all understand the importance of decorating homes, we sometimes fail to design that plain wall behind the sofa set. As your living room is the busiest area and is more likely to get exposed to your guests, relatives, and friends, it is essential to pay attention to its wall decor. And, talking about wall décor, how can we not mention the vast collection of single-panel canvas paintings available at Arttree.

To infuse character, texture, and color into the blank wall, all you need is to spend some time on our website, look for the incredible paintings, and choose what goes best with your interiors. So, let’s get started!

Sailing Ships

The ship has not yet sailed. Make this phenomenal piece of artwork the focal point of your living room by placing an order for it right away. Depicting boats in greyish and golden tones, this handmade painting boasts a heavy texture that looks extraordinary. With wooden furniture and a beige-colored sofa set, this painting looks even more stunning to look at.

Flowerage Arbor

If adding coruscating shine to the interiors of your living room is what you aim for, then let us help you do that. Use this handmade painting featuring a silver shade flowerage arbor tree. Created by the palette knife technique, the heavy texture in the artwork is enough to grab everyone’s attention. Moreover, the light-hued sofa set and a flower pot kept on the center table set the interiors apart.

Colorful Pathway

If you have a spacious and airy room, then you can go for dark-colored walls and paintings to create a cozy ambiance. This image explains this trick quite well. The vivid colors used in this handmade artwork make this heavy texture creation extra glorious and pleasing to the walls. With the colorful shade pathway, dapple leaves, a couple walking with umbrellas, and park lamps, every small detailing has its charm.

White Poppies

Floral and botanical prints always look great on the walls as they can add a refreshing vibe to the interiors. They bring freshness and newness to the décor of a room and catch everyone’s attention. While you have a plethora of options to check out, this painting featuring grey poppies will certainly enliven your living room with its elegance and sophistication. To give your room a classy and stylish appearance, you must swear by this one.

Birds Herd

We all love to hear them chirp and tweet, but these feathered friends, when portrayed in the artwork, look extremely adorable. The birds with bluish and greyish hues complement the sofa sets with brown and grey colors. You can even use contrasting colors in upholstery if you want to get a striking ambiance.

Now that you know how to accent the wall behind the sofa set, we are certain that you will choose the best painting for your living room. In our collection, you will get handmade paintings with a smorgasbord of different colors, sizes, and concepts. Pick the one that resonates with your style statement and personality.