Home Decor on a Budget: 5 Cheap Australian Art Canvas

Home Decor on a Budget: 5 Cheap Australian Art Canvas

Posted by Ana Stone on 8th Jul 2023

Home decor is generally considered a fancy affair as it is costly. But everyone deserves to live in a place they can proudly call home, not because they own it, but because they love to stay in it. You can fall in love with a four-walled space only when there are some memories attached to it or when you can turn it into an expression of yourself. Contrary to popular belief, all good things do not cost big money. You can decorate your dream home using decor items that fit your budget and still look classy. Here’s how - opt for cheap Australian wall art. There are various options which can give your home a nice aesthetic spin!

Take a look at our 5 best cheap Australian art canvas prints. You will love these wall art prints -

African Panthera Leo Wall Art

African flora and fauna are diverse and very interesting. The wild forests of Africa house the fiercest and most rarest of species. If you are a wildlife fanatic, you should get this black-and-white wall art set featuring the majestic lion, elephant, zebra, and eagle. You will be surprised by how your room’s aura will be transformed.

Ampersand And

Putting up the print of Ampersand ‘&’ is symbolic - it goes on to show how the experiences in one’s life can be endless. There is always an ‘and’ at the end, meaning you can add another beautiful memory to your overflowing box. To inculcate this value in your daily life, you can take the help of this simple yet poignant typography print of ‘&’.

Beautiful Loach Sunflowers

Sunflowers symbolise love, gratitude, joy, and loyalty - values necessary in every human’s life. Moreover, sunflowers are gorgeous; their bright yellow petals can cheer up anybody’s gloomy mood. Make no room for negative energy in your home with this magnificent set of sunflower and daisy wall art prints.

Beauty Begins the Moment

Pink peonies are known to promote prosperity, well-being, and good luck. These are beautiful, and the blush pink colour will look great in any contemporary home. This wall art set also subtly promotes self-love. The monotone backdrop provides the perfect contrast.

Brown Hear C’est La Vie

Another essential theological typography print for your home that promotes the French idiom ‘C’est la vie’, which teaches us to accept life just as it is. It shows that not everything in life can be controlled by us, so it is better to take our life’s happenings rather than deny them.


Are you still not convinced? We suggest you head to the Arttree online store and browse the endless options of cheap Australian art. We are sure you will find your favourites among them. We sell high-quality art prints which are perfect for home makeovers. Just place an order for the ones that you find the most suitable, and we will deliver them to your doorstep!