Handmade 3 Piece Paintings to Bring Color to Your Room

Handmade 3 Piece Paintings to Bring Color to Your Room

Posted by Josh Phillips on 10th May 2021

Handmade things have a different charm altogether. If you have an inclination towards handmade items, include them in your home decor. For a long time now, paintings have been an integral part of most houses. Initially, the quantity and quality of featured paintings on a house wall indicated the family’s fortune and social status. Though this form of judgement has changed now, we still value art and painting. If you fall under this category, bring home painting sets that you can hang on your wall to add an aesthetic touch to your home.

You might be surprised by the variety of art you will find at your disposal. If you feel confused by so many options, opt for abstract wall art sets, as they are unique, versatile, and will go perfectly well with contemporary or modern home decor! To help you find the most suitable art piece, we have handpicked five handmade 3 piece paintings for you:

The Mashup of Colors

If you are looking for something bright, colorful, and one of a kind, you should have a look at this 3 piece painting set. It is a heavily textured acrylic abstract painting that will immediately brighten up any corner of your room. This set will look strikingly great against any grey or off-white colored wall. The abstractness of this painting makes it perfect for modern decor.

The Flaming Daubs

Sometimes, the only thing missing in a well-decorated room is a splash of color. If you feel your room lacks some vibrancy, we have got you covered. This flashy wall art set is all you need! The bright reddish-orange blobs of color on the subdued black, brown, and yellow ochre background will add a zing to your room, and any pastel-shaded wall will be the best pick for this painting set.

The Enchanting Trees

Do you like abstract art but do not want a wall art set whose meaning you will not be able to figure out? Well, worry not, for there is a unique art piece for you too. This split painting of three sets of trees gives off an abstract and modern feel. The golden lining on the trees and the swift golden brush stroke in the background also enhance the abstract effect.

The Wall with A View

Who does not like Paris? Either you have already been to the City of Love, or you constantly dream of standing under the brightly lit Eiffel Tower at least once in your life! Commemorate your fascination with this aesthetic city with a handmade painting set of the iconic monuments of Paris. It is a heavily textured impasto acrylic painting with an abstract touch to it. The sleek borders seem to lend a contemporary feel to it, and it will look great against a dark colored wall.

The Musical Birds

Do you enjoy both music and art? Then we have the perfect piece of art for you that will reflect both of your interests. The concept of little birds sitting on the musical notes is unique. The heavily textured abstract background gives the 3 piece painting set a contemporary touch, making it perfect for modern home decor!

Now that you have seen a glimpse of the stunning split paintings we have in store for you, head over to our online store and bring home the ones you like!