Green Wall Art: Bringing a Slice of Nature into Spaces

Green Wall Art: Bringing a Slice of Nature into Spaces

Posted by Josh Phillips on 13th Apr 2022

We all dream of living in a home with a terries garden or a patio with beautiful greenery all around. However, not all of us can turn this dream into a reality. We live in the hustle-bustle of city life as our work demands it. But, when there is a will, there is a way.

To give you an environment-friendly home décor setup, Arttree has come up with a mesmerizing collection of green shade canvas art that will transform the blank walls of your space and make them look refreshing and all-natural.

Some of the shortlisted paintings are featured below:

Cactus Saplings

Green is the color that symbolizes the serenity of nature, growth, freshness, and prosperity. Injecting all these characteristics into your living space, this wall art set will be the perfect choice to decorate the walls. Depicting cactus saplings with flowers, this botanical artwork can reinvigorate not only the ambiance but also your mood. This hand-painted art piece is sure to stand your interiors apart.

Flowers Garth

The blank wall of your living room is waiting to be decked up. Consider this painting featuring the phenomenal elements of nature like a garden, landscape, plants, flowers, trees, hut, etc. With this 2-piece wall art set, you will surely add a punch of color without making the ambiance appear tacky and loud. It immediately draws attention and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who looks at it even for once. To achieve the overall home décor look, you can add cushion covers in yellow or white colors.

Green Blooms

Certain corners in the house need décor. If you think you have one, then it’s time to spruce it up using this charming piece of art. Representing green blooms with a touch of bluish tones, this painting looks extremely appealing to the eyes and provides a soothing effect to the interiors. Created by an experienced artist with a knife-heavy texture pattern, it is available in both- stretched or rolled canvas. Pick the one that perfectly suits your requirements.

Colorific Flower Plants

Yellow and green are among those color combinations that always work best together. And, if you add the slice of lavender, then nothing could be better than this amalgamation. The lovely flowers depicted in the painting look extraordinary in the home and bring a fresh change to the way your interior looks. You can hang it anywhere in the living space to ooze extra charm and finesse into the ambiance.

A green wall art enhances the aesthetics of a home and opens up the oasis of greenery which takes you to a different world altogether. At Arttree, we aim to design empty walls through incredible handmade paintings that can inspire you every day and fill your home with oodles of joy and good cheer. To buy the pieces of your choice, make sure you visit our online art studio today and pick the most amazing creations in the world of art.