Grab Oversized Handmade Multi Panel Paintings For Your Home

Grab Oversized Handmade Multi Panel Paintings For Your Home

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 2nd Nov 2021

Panel paintings have been a trending choice for room wall décor for over a century. These artworks were first made even before the 16th century, after which canvas prints became the most preferred medium. The earliest panel paintings were made on flat wood surfaces, which could be multiple pieces joined together or just one.

Due to the huge popularity of canvas art, multi panel paintings have also gone through major upgradation. Artwork sellers such as Arttree are now offering painting prints that are made on 100% canvas.

Here is a list of a few mind-blowing oversized multi panel paintings that will enhance the beauty of your home beyond your expectation:

Abstract flowers

Abstract designs are now some of the highly demanded categories of artworks used for modern home décor. This is a beautiful abstract set of split paintings featuring vibrant shades of red and yellow with geometric squares on one side and floral hearts on the other. The flaming combination of colors on the excellent, almost-traditional panel painting texture makes the perfect pair. You can use this incredible piece of art as a statement item on your living room’s main wall.

The Balcony View

living in big cities can sometimes become too overwhelming, especially when you are looking out the window. All you can see are tall buildings and innumerable vehicles, along with the blinding street lights. We travel to distant locations to find the ultimate peacefulness, and this split painting offers absolutely the same.

The beautiful artwork features an excellent view of a valley from a very cozy and well-decorated balcony. There are colorful potted plants by the balcony walls, and it seems that it is the beautiful Fall season with yellow leaves that are shedding for new ones to grow. It is the most tranquil and picturesque scenery you would want to find at home!

Abstract circles

This one features a set of 12 split canvases with a variety of circular abstract patterns. Each tile has a different color combination, and all are highly attractive. You can use this handmade multi-panel artwork to decorate the walls of your home or office.

Each part of the set has metallic finesse giving it a shiny and stylish look. It is a set of 100% contemporary paintings that can catch the attention of guests almost instantly. The patterns used in this set are pretty uncommon, making it an immediate topic of discussion. So, if you want to let people know more about your incredible choice in art, these abstract circles tick all the boxes easily.


Whether it is a vibrant set of two paintings or one that contains several tile-like canvases, multi-panel artworks can prove to be an incredibly classy addition to your home. To find some of the most authentic yet contemporary designs, it is best to head to the Arttree gallery for high-quality artworks at the most impressive rates and delivery policies.