Grab Oversized Handmade Multi Panel Paintings For Your Home

Grab Oversized Handmade Multi Panel Paintings For Your Home

Posted by Sara Taylor on 25th Nov 2021

If you want to add the chic factor to your home or office interiors, then multi panel paintings are the easiest way to make it look like you put in a ton of effort without actually doing so. Since they come in coordinated sets, you can fill up a whole wall with them and not have to worry about the ensemble appearing mismatched. Another perk is that they let you assign a theme to your room wall décor easily. Whether you want to play around with a jungle vibe, a palette of blues, or even some peachy pastels - we've got canvas art to suit every mood.

Here are some of the top picks from our multi-panel collection so that you can start browsing on a high note!

Cafe Terrace At Night

This multi-panel reproduction poster is a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, one of the greatest artists of all time. On a typical European evening, this colorful outdoor view painting is a lovely work, the vision of a comfortable spectator who enjoys the pleasure of his surroundings. It features Van Gogh's unique color scheme and would be a wonderful addition to any art enthusiast's home.

The Merger Of Stunning Hues

This 3 piece oil painting depicts a Calico tree injected with contrasting colors that blend in together beautifully. Lighten up a monochromatic room with this eye-catching piece to create a pleasant juxtaposition of décor motifs.

A Peek Into Spring

No matter the season, have a selection of daisies welcoming you every time you walk through the door. These floral split paintings can become the pride and joy of your house and will bring a whimsical aura to your space. You can avail of these in both rolled and stretched formats as per your preferences.

A Glistening Opera House In The Dusk

What's better than looking at a sunset? A vision of it from Sydney's Grand Opera House!

Enjoy the Australian cityscape with this charming multi panel artwork. The rich mix of orange, yellow, and blue is a pleasure to the visual senses and goes extremely well with muted lights in the evening. You can choose from 6 size variants available on our website depending on the dimensions of your wall.


We house numerous such beautiful pieces on our online store, so browse through our catalogue to find something you adore. We never compromise on the quality of our products and warrant quick delivery, so be assured of having a happy shopping experience with us!