Golden & Blue: A Colour Combo for Every Home

Golden & Blue: A Colour Combo for Every Home

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 10th Apr 2022

Sometimes it is just the right color combination that pulls off the minimalistic interiors. In this blog, we will discuss how Golden & Blue hues enhance the aesthetics of the bare walls and make the entire ambiance worthy to look at. At Arttree, we offer an exclusive collection of handmade oil paintings in amazing color combinations and art styles. And this time, we are bringing to you the most visually appealing golden shade wall art or paintings that are perfectly blended with bluish shades. Let’s see some of the incredible artistic creations you’d love to buy for your home.

Leaves and Feathers

The golden color adds glitz and glamour to the interiors while blue brings calmness and peace. With the amalgamation of both these hues, you can create interiors that stand apart and leave an impact on guests. This golden painting with palm tropical plant leaves and feathers is created by an artist using modern heavy texture. Who can ever say no to this beauty? It will look magical in the house. It is available in both stretched or rolled canvas, so place an order according to your requirement.

Auburn Spots Wall Art Set

The beautiful marble texture with slurs and spots used in this 2-piece oil painting makes this piece extra captivating to the eyes. Its presence is so enthralling that it never fails to catch the attention of guests. Completing the overall living room décor, the sofa set is perfectly teamed up with this premium handmade painting.

Circular Design

The designs and patterns differentiate every artwork from the other. And, this piece has not only created its own identity by being unique but has also won many hearts. From the golden rings highlighted as the subject to a contemporary abstract background, each feature of this 2-piece painting oozes style and grace.

Zigzag Hills

The artist has creatively depicted a landscape scenery using abstract texture, golden sparkles, and multicolor zigzag hills. This 3-piece oil painting goes well with the modern, minimalist interiors that demand class and elegance. Permeating the ambiance with timeless beauty and sophistication, this wall art set will indeed enliven the space without dominating the existing décor items.

Stains Wall Art Set

The shade stains and golden spots in the artwork give a luxurious touch to the interior. Making the ambiance appear rich and glittery, you certainly don’t need any other home décor accessory when you adorn your room with this 2-panel oil painting with impressive textures. If you have a subtle or sober furniture unit in the room, then all you need is this phenomenal wall art set to glorify the barren walls.

Choose a golden shade canvas art with a splendid mix of blue shade, and get ready to inspire others through your creative wall décor ideas. Your walls are waiting to narrate your story. Let’s take a deep dive into our collection, and choose the size, color, and art style that resonate with your style statement and choice. Visit us today!