Fill In Your Bedroom Space with Panoramic Paintings

Fill In Your Bedroom Space with Panoramic Paintings

Posted by Soma on 6th Nov 2019

Bedrooms are our safe haven. That is the room we come to at the end of the day to project out all of our stress and frustration and just catch a break. If your bedroom doesn’t give off calming vibes, are you even doing it right? It is true that not many people know about interiors and aesthetics but majority of the people are familiar with paintings, right?

If there’s a huge blank space above the headboard of your bed, installing panoramic paintings on top can change the overall facet of the room. With these arts and paintings, what many people fail to realize is the way to install them.

Here, we are going to share some amazing tips to complement the look of your bedroom with some famous panoramic paintings.

What are Panoramic Paintings?

For the lost souls who aren’t aware, panoramic paintings are the oversized wall paintings that come painted on a rectangular stretched canvas measuring around 120cm in length and 40 cm in width.

They are meant to cover the empty spaces on the single walls with just one painting instead of adding in multiple ones.

How Big Is The Space?

With the enhanced demand of real estate, finding big homes nowadays has become a hassle. In such cases, even the master bedrooms can be quite small that what you expect. For those situations, you can bring together the décor and interiors of the bedroom by installing online bought panoramic painting that complements the space you have. There is no point in stuffing the space. You need the painting to self reflect which is why it is best to be conscious of the space available.

Is The Colour Too Bright?

Often times, people have dark bedroom walls. If that is the case with your bedroom, you want to hang a painting that doesn’t overwhelm the already existing bright colours. Opting for subdued and pastel colours of the panoramic paintings in such cases can be the deal breaker. Light shades and hues can bring out the brightness of the wall colour even more.

What Characters Do You Want?

When it comes to paintings, there are certain limitations that people impose because of Vaastu or simply for the aesthetics of the room. Whatever the reason is, you need to select through the kind of painting you want to hang up on the bedroom. It could be one of the panoramic landscape paintings to add in a touch of nature of even a simple abstract one that brings together the décor of the room.

Where Do You Want It?

When it comes to the panoramic art pieces, majority of the people want it over the headboard of the bed to fill in the empty space. But, that doesn’t mean you have to follow through the same. In such cases, selecting the location of the painting before buying it is a wise decision. That way, you can plan the type and the colour scheme that will suit the décor better.

Does It Have To Do With Aesthetics?

The last thing that you need to keep in mind before getting a panoramic painting for your bedroom is to realize the kind of aesthetic you are aiming for. You want something that blends well but at the same time, stands out as a single piece as well. In such cases, leveraging your aesthetics is an important factor.

or those peeps who are tired of seeing the same old boring walls in the bedroom, add in some splash of colour and aesthetic with a wide range of panoramic paintings from Arttree.

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