Fascinating Handmade Abstract Paintings for Hotel Rooms

Fascinating Handmade Abstract Paintings for Hotel Rooms

Posted by Keira Knightley on 10th Jun 2021

People associate the words luxury, comfort, and quality service with hotels. They sought a cordial environment and a lively atmosphere when they opt for hotels and resorts. It falls under the duty of every hotel owner to cater to the guests’ needs and make their stay as pleasant as possible. This is one of the reasons you will find every hotel so beautifully decorated and charmingly lit. Whilst most people concentrate on the hotel's outlook, it is just as important to dwell on the rooms- that is where the guests spend a significant amount of their time. Though many hotel owners vouch for interior designing experts to handle this particular issue, we suggest you look into incorporating abstract art in your hotel room wall decor.

The right type of wall art can positively impact the mood and ambience of a room and might even lead to happier clients. To save your time and effort, we have handpicked five captivating abstract paintings that liven up your hotel rooms:

All Curves Lead To The Swirls

Let your guests get lost in the hypnotizing curved lines and spheroids of this colorful and vibrant modern art. The selection of colors and the fluidity of the artwork lend it a strong contemporary vibe. There is an impasto technique in work here that has created the undeniable mystical aura. It will look beautiful against a light, pastel-shaded wall over the sitting arrangement in the room. It will blend in seamlessly in a room of modern decor.

All Things Bright And Beautiful

This canvas artwork is made by using various painting techniques, and they have come together to create a marvel worth gazing at. It is a heavily textured art piece which gives it almost a three-dimensional look. The color palette used is unique and touches upon muted variants of beautiful pop shades. The contrast created by the gold and silver paints is splendid, and the white finishing touches give the wall art an ethnic or rustic look. For the best visual satisfaction, you can put it up on a dark colored wall.

The Pink And Gold Splash

Sometimes only the slightest touches of color can contribute to a highly impactful change in the decor and quality of a room. Therefore, minimalist abstract art is a coveted genre in the present world. You can brighten up your hotel room in an instant with this unique and impressive pink and golden texture painting that is simple yet intriguing. It will look ravishing on both light and dark colored walls and give off two very different visual effects.

The Patterned Horse

If you are searching for an art piece that is distinctive, quirky, and striking, then look no further- we have got the perfect canvas artwork for you. Animal study and abstract art merge in this graceful painting. The bright and vivid colors, the abstract patterns on the horse’s hair, and the contrasting slate colored background contribute to the contemporariness of the painting. It will go well against a bright yellow or plain white wall.

The Waves On The Wall

Seas can have a soothing and calming effect on everyone's mind. To promote a sense of tranquility through your hotel room wall decor, you can put up this alluring abstract painting of a seashore. The varying shades of blue add depth and dimension to the painting and look good against any light-colored background. Position it over the bed with soothing lightning, and watch how the room sparks up.


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