Enchanting 4 Piece Paintings for Restaurant Wall

Enchanting 4 Piece Paintings for Restaurant Wall

Posted by Shirley Jackson on 18th May 2021

Restaurants have a charming appearance and atmosphere. Restaurant owners usually spend a good deal of money to keep up with the up and coming trends and to design decor that will attract crowds. This is not an easy task- it entails both money and time. The professional interior designers that the owners hire are overpriced and might end up overwhelming you even more. If you have recently bought a restaurant and are trying to decorate it at favorable costs, you should check out large canvas wall art. They have a majestic look and hardly need any other accompanying accessory. Just a few sets for the walls, and you are set to open your self-decorated eatery!

If you are new to choosing the correct piece of art for any particular setting, you can completely trust abstract paintings. They will make your restaurant look chic, modern, and up to date. Since they are versatile, you will not have a problem finding a suitable place for hanging them. To make your search easier, we have hand-picked five 4 piece paintings for you:

The Abstract Circles

Sometimes a rustic touch in a contemporary set up can give one an endearing homely feeling. This combination of muted and dark pastel-shaded abstract painting with scribbled circles over the canvas gives off a similar vibe. The light and sophisticated brown and nude tones perfectly complement the more passionate maroon and can be paired off against a light-hued wall. The split structure gives the set a modern feel.

The Distant Trees

Trees bring peace and a touch of greenery wherever they are placed. But this split painting of a few trees at a distance comes with a twist- they are abstract. The black silhouetted trees with golden-yellow crowns paint quite a modern picture. There is an essence of longing in this painting, and the grey background deepens this effect. This room wall decor set will look exceptionally well against a bright-colored wall.

The Cups And The Mugs

Are you planning to give your restaurant the quintessential cafĂ© vibe? Look no further, for we have the perfect piece of large canvas wall art for you! This 4 piece painting consists of immaculately painted teacups and coffee mugs and two canvases of abstract paintings. The color palette of this wall art set is soothing and perfect for restaurant decor. You can choose to hang the four canvases together or separately, depending on how you want them to look.

The Rustic Arum Lilies

Your restaurant might need a little touch of nature, and you can fulfil that with this stunning floral split painting of lilies. Floral art is usually bright, soothing, and pretty, but this art set gives off a different feel. The colors, instead of pleasing, have a rough appearance that will look good in contemporary decor. The silver and golden colors appear striking against the dark maroon and brown combination, and it will become a conversation starter!

The Delightful Cityscape

Many customers have always favored cityscape paintings for their homes, owing to the majestic nature of these art pieces. They seamlessly blend in with the modern and contemporary decor and look good in a restaurant. This abstract painting of an imaginary cityscape is not too colorful and gives off a subdued vibe. You can place it against a light colored wall for the best visual effect.

These handmade split paintings are made with care and precision and have a rustic aura that can charm any onlooker; if you have your eyes set on any of these, head over to our online store, where you will find even more options to choose from! Add them to your cart, and bring them home!