Elegant Contemporary Sculptures For every Homes

Elegant Contemporary Sculptures For every Homes

Posted by Sara Taylor on 15th Jul 2021

You will never find a house devoid of art- art is what gives life and vigor to the space between four walls that we call home. This is one of the foremost reasons people invest so much in beautifying their homes- it lends the homely feeling. So if you have just bought a new house or are thinking of giving your present home a new look, you should bring home contemporary sculptures. Once you place them at strategic positions in your home, you will be surprised at how much aesthetic difference a few unique figurines can produce.

If you are looking for beautiful sculptures that can amp up your house’s interior decor, you have landed on the right page. To help you make the right choice, we have selected a few items from our vast collection that you will definitely want to keep at your place:

The Ballet Dancer

Do you have a penchant for ballet dancing? Now you can portray your passion through your home decor. This bronze metal sculpture is graceful and elegant and perfectly promotes the beauty of dance. The metal sculpture will blend well with modern home decor and look great on a white marble tabletop. You can keep this figurine in your studio or even in your living room.

The Octopus On Your Coffee Table

If you like to own quirky and unique artefacts that drastically increase the fun quotient of your home, we have the perfect home decor item for you! This glass sculpture of a black octopus is eye-catching and intriguing! The white and gold detailing's give an edge to the figurine, and the crystal-like shine draws everyone’s attention at once! You can keep it on a white or glass table in your living room.

The Sprightly Dolphins

Everyone loves dolphins. They are adorable and fascinating creatures, and we have all harbored a liking for them since our childhood. If you still admire them, this set of two dolphins will be perfect for your study or office room. The aqua blue color on the metal sculpture gives it a marine look. It also exudes a sense of liveliness which makes it ideal for your bedroom as well. For best visual effects, keep it on a wooden stand or table.

Two Jellyfishes In A Bubble

If you are fond of seafaring adventures, this pair of jellyfishes in a glass bubble is precisely the glass sculpture you need. The soft powder blue color of the jellyfishes, the light blue hue of the surrounding glass structure, and the miniature bubbles inside it give the figurine an authentic nautical look. It will look best on a dark brown wooden table near your bed or the center table in your living room. Your guests will be just as captivated by it as you are!

The Flower Girl

In a modern home, sometimes just a little, simple, and elegant figurine can make all the difference- and this beautiful white resin sculpture will be your best choice. It depicts a young girl holding a flower above her head- the swirling structure gives it a life-like and graceful look. This gorgeous statuette will look alluring on a black marble tabletop.


Your house needs the best of contemporary sculptures to look like your dream home. The place’s aesthetic value can be increased only with high-quality, durable, and one of a kind figurines. You will not find a dearth of unique sculptures you can choose from and bring home at our online shopping site. Each of them is handcrafted by our highly skilled artisans whose creativity knows no bounds. With a few of our stunning sculptures in your home, you will be receiving compliments after compliments from all your guests!