Effortlessly Beautiful 2 Piece Wall Art for your Home

Effortlessly Beautiful 2 Piece Wall Art for your Home

Posted by Elizabeth Taylor on 14th May 2021

Art is an integral part of everyone’s life, and we are all in one way or another connected via art. It has the potential to turn the most boring of things into something lively and worth cherishing. Due to its joy-giving quality, art has always been used to decorate one’s home. During the old times, people fancied getting their portraits done by famous artists and would hang them on their walls, but with evolving time, our ideas of interior designing have changed. Now, framed art and canvas print sets have taken over ornate portraits and can brighten up rooms in an instant.

If you have been looking for unique room decor items, we have in store for you six 2 piece wall art sets that you will adore:

Orange Is the New Black

If contemporary abstract art is your forte, you have to look at this unique set of art prints that will look good in any room! It is a simple yet eye-catching watercolor pattern made with black, grey, and a rusty shade of orange. The sleek golden frame gives it a complete look. It will seamlessly blend in with the modern home decor and give your room an aesthetic edge!

Take a Coffee Break

Who does not like coffee? How about professing your love for coffee with a quirky 2 piece wall art set most suitable for your coffee table or kitchen wall? The contrast in the background of the two art pieces in this set gives it an edge. The coffee cup and bean pattern is quite distinctive and adds an element of fun! You can pair the two prints together or place the individual prints in two different places in your home.

The Circles and The Squares

Geometric patterns are very trendy presently- be it in dresses or fashion accessories, everyone owns something with geometric patterns in them. You can also get framed art of geometric prints fused with abstract art for your home! This particular set of art prints maintains a perfect balance between colors and monochrome and can be placed against any colored backdrop.

The Wall Irises

Flowers emanate a distinctive positive aura which makes them perfect for room decor. Choose the eco-friendly way and bring home a 2 piece wall art set of beautiful blue, pink, and violet irises that will last way longer than an actual bunch of flowers. The shades of colors used in the prints are stunning and have a soothing effect. They will look even brighter against any dark-colored wall, and you can put them up in your bedroom.

Quote Print

Bring home a streak of positive energy with this set of typography and floral art prints. The green color used in both the prints lends them a nature vibe and suits the off-white base. This is a modern print which will look good in your office or study. It has a calming effect and will add a dash of color to your room.

Superheroes and Kings

Amp up the decor of your children’s room with these cutesy cartoon art prints. They give the perfect amount of optimistic boost that your child needs every day. These are fun, contemporary prints that will suit modern room decor. A light or pastel-colored wall will be the most suitable to bring out this canvas print set’s brightness.

You will get fascinating 2 piece framed art prints for your home at our online store. Head over there and put your favourite items in your cart!