Decorative and Artistic: Art Deco Paintings Are a Feast to the Eyes

Decorative and Artistic: Art Deco Paintings Are a Feast to the Eyes

Posted by Sara Taylor on 13th May 2022

The wall in your living room needs a stylish makeover, but you find it tricky to match artwork with the color of the existing sofa set. Do you share a similar story? Let us solve your quandary. Are you ready for a remarkable visual experience? If yes, then Arttree has got you a vast collection of art déco paintings in appealing colors and attractive concepts which will complement the color of your sofa upholstery. Let’s take a look at some of them and begin your wall décor journey with a leading Australian art studio, which is second to none.

Smears Wall Art Set

Wall art is one of those home décor essentials without the presence of which every space looks uninteresting and ordinary. To give your living room a striking visual appeal, make sure you buy artwork that complements the color and texture of the sofa set perfectly. Take a look at this image featuring a beige-hued sofa set with cushions in soft pastel tones. Even though you have an exquisite sofa set, when you pair it with an abstract heavy texture oil painting with multicolor shade smears with a dash of golden, the look of your room is enhanced to a great extent. Try it, and you will know how it changes the dynamics of your room.

Spiral Resection Wall Art

The best part about having a grey-toned sofa upholstery is its ability to go well with other hues either bright or muted. Choosing art for a living room with a grey sofa isn’t a hard nut to crack as here you will find many options to choose from. For a classy and sophisticated vibe, we pick this abstract Nordic heavy texture art which is 100% hand painted by an experienced artist. With colorful shade spots, curved and straight lines, spiral, resection, and other figures, this 3-piece oil painting is all set to become the focal point of your room. To add a matching vibe with the art, a few blue-colored cushions are kept on a grey sofa, which looks extra captivating to the eyes.

Orbed Wall Art Decor

The combination of cerulean and baby pink looks magical. In this handmade oil painting, circular and rectangular spots design make this abstract piece even more fascinating to look at. If you want to add interest to the stark walls of your living space, then pick this artwork with soft, warm tones. Their presence will enliven the interiors, making them appear extraordinary.

Discoloration Wall Art Set

If you have an ocean blue color sofa set and find it tough to match it with artwork, then Arttree has got your back. With a wide range of oil paintings in a variety of colors and sizes, we have something phenomenal for every wall. This artwork featuring colorful shade spots, discoloration, curved streaks, trees, and flying birds, has a special charm that grabs all the attention immediately. The teal hue used in the art goes with the shade used in the sofa set, and that’s how it sets the tone for the entire room.

An art deco wall art helps you create a marvelous look in the house that delights everyone who visits you. With artistic creations that stand the test of time, Arttree has a lot to offer its valuable clients. So, don’t wait anymore, and place an order for your favorite pieces of art right away!