Decorate your Home with These Four Abstract Sculptures

Decorate your Home with These Four Abstract Sculptures

Posted by Keira Knightley on 7th Oct 2021

Art, no matter in which form, should make you feel comfortable in your homes. From modern to abstract and contemporary, we see so many different types of sculptures around us. Thanks to all the progress sculptors have made in the past years; today, we have exciting abstract art pieces to decorate our abode with. The work of abstract artists is beyond the conventional definitions of art. It is unique and can take myriad interpretations.

Abstract art pieces are available in excellent options for every space, no matter what your budget is. Explore four of our favourite abstract sculptures that you can show off inside your home.


Love being on beaches? Love watching waves in the sea? You’ve got the best 3D sculpture that incorporates all of it. This model of rippling water made in resin material is sure to give an attractive and unique look to your nest. Bring ripples into your home interiors and enchant your guests with its pleasing views.

Dancing Body

Dancing sculptures are always graceful and elegant. They have been in existence for centuries now. Do you know that one of the first sculptures made by early humans was a bronze dancing girl? While made in metal, we have evolved greatly to design dancing art pieces in different types of materials. This resin dancing sculpture is fashionable and a perfect gifting option for anyone.

Braided Dog

If you’ve always wanted to get a pet dog in your home but couldn’t, this is the best sculpture to get. It makes you feel like a real animal is right there, sitting on the table by your bed. Made in iron, the art piece is smooth and eye-catching. It looks so natural. Also, it makes for a perfect gift for dog lovers.

Square and Ribbon

Abstract sculptures are open to experimentation. Artists leave it to the viewers to give meaning to their creations. If you want to experiment with your indoor decorations, you should get an art piece that is open to interpretation. Look at this beauty. Is it a square? Is it a ribbon? Is it a music note? Display it in your living room, and it will become a conversation starter.

Abstract sculptures are all about their essence. They have been replicated several times by different artists taking on varied meanings. If you are looking to buy abstract indoor sculptures in Australia, explore our wide range of art pieces. You will love them in your home.