Create Chic & Trendy Interiors with These Model Canvas Prints

Create Chic & Trendy Interiors with These Model Canvas Prints

Posted by Adam Milne on 24th Oct 2022

Are you in the quest of a wall décor element that is tasteful and fashionable? If yes, then you’ve landed in the right place. Arttree has been transforming the interiors of living spaces, offices, cafes, and hotels for quite a long time and love to come up with something unique and stylish for your lifeless walls. With model canvas prints, we help you design rooms in such a way that it reflects your personality and leaves an impact on everyone who visits you. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible prints featuring voguish images & captivating visuals of models.

Black Red Models

This 2-piece wall art set depicting fashion models on ramp will add the flavor of glamour to a boring wall which is bereft of any beauty and eye-catching design. This set looks even more interesting in the living room, sitting area, or any other room of your home for the fact that it is abstract and has the ability to draw everyone’s attention towards it. One piece showcases a model donning a red dress in the black background and the other is wearing a black shimmery black gown holding a glass of wine. The story behind this art reflects the fine, polished face of modern society.

Moon Tree

Contemporary homes always look for something creative to showcase, and this 2-piece art set will surely serve the purpose with its distinctive presentation of a tree, half moon, a blue sky, and a European girl donning a black dress and covered eyes. From dining to living room, you can hang it anywhere in the house to create a visual interest instantly.

Manhattan Bridge Stockholm

For ultra-modern interiors, you would surely need a classy piece of art which never fails to impress others. To create a collage-like look on a drab wall, buy this 4 panel art set featuring fashionable visuals and complement the existing décor theme. You can try creative display techniques to showcase this elegant art set. Besides hanging all the prints on the wall, you can keep the one bigger in size on the floor and lean it against the wall for support just as shown in the image. For a better cohesive look, add an indoor planter or a desk lamp in the corner.

European Women

Depicting portraits and models of European women, this 3-piece art set has its own charm to fill the interiors with grace and elegance. From their vintage outfits to the abstract designs in the background, every element of this décor piece has got the ability to grab eyeballs. Even the colors used in this model wall art are so expressive and vivid that it immediately adds brightness to a boring space.

Apart from using these artistic prints in your spaces, you can consider them as ideal gifting options to gift your loved ones and friends on celebrations like anniversaries, birthday parties, and housewarming.

The kind of art you choose defines your likings and personality, and if fashion, style, and glamour inspire you, then bring home your favorited canvas art prints today and start decorating your home just the way you want. Visit Arttree right away and avail exclusive discount offers.