Contemporary Art Prints That Suit Every Home Decor

Contemporary Art Prints That Suit Every Home Decor

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 12th Jul 2021

Have you been planning to redecorate your home? Well, it’s high time. For how much longer will you pass your time by just staring at your bare and old walls? They need a change as much as you do, and investing a little in wall decor can go a long way! By adding just the right amount of color and aesthetics to your wall, you will notice the change in the whole room- it will be brighter and much more presentable.

If you are confused by the sheer variety of canvas prints available in the market, we suggest you opt for contemporary art. It is trendy, versatile, and will suit any home decor. To help you get the best wall decor items for your home, we have selected a few from our collection of contemporary art prints that will surely catch your eye!

The Ocean-Eyed Woman

This mysterious and enchanting contemporary canvas art will attract a lot of attention owing to its uniqueness. The blue-eyed mistress peeking through a cover of brown, dried-up leaves creates a sense of curiosity. The sepia film over the image gives it a very rustic look which will look particularly well against dark pastel-shaded backgrounds. Hang this up on your living room wall and watch the aestheticism of the room increase manifolds.

Health is Wealth

Are you a passionate yoga enthusiast who cannot afford to miss practicing yoga for even a single day? Then we have got the perfect set of contemporary art prints for you. The two abstract images feature the silhouette of a woman in two different yoga postures. The set looks very classy and sophisticated, primarily due to the black and white color palette and the sleek golden border. You can keep the two prints in your studio for an extra dose of motivation each day!

Dolphins on Your Wall

Are you captivated by the mysteries of the world that lies underwater? Here’s a canvas print of two gorgeous blue dolphins that will look beautiful on your bedroom wall. The minimalist style of the print goes well with modern home decor, and the brightness of the print will be more noticeable against darker walls.

The Blue Fox

You can use contemporary art prints to beautify your kids’ rooms too. This art print of a little blue fox against the backdrop of a jungle and the full moon looks dreamy as well as charming. Your children will be fascinated by the vivid colors and the cartoon-like nature of the image. The broad black frame accompanying the print gives it a contemporary look that goes well with modern decor. It will look great against both light and dark colored walls.


If you are searching for unique, durable and superior quality contemporary canvas art, look no further. We have a vast collection of art prints that will appeal to your taste and preference. If you purchase prints from us, we can guarantee a shower of praises from your guests each time they visit your place! Head over to our online store and bring home your favourite canvas prints.