Contemporary 4 Piece Nordic Art Prints For Cafe Walls

Contemporary 4 Piece Nordic Art Prints For Cafe Walls

Posted by Sara Taylor on 2nd Jun 2021

Cafes are well-known for their top-notch decor and pleasant ambience. You might even find people choosing which café to go to, according to how well-decorated they are. Do you own a café that you have been trying to decorate for a long time? Designing the decor of a restaurant can cost you a fortune- it entails raw material charges, the expense for decor items, and the consultation fees of a professional. It can be an overwhelming process, but there is a way out. To increase the aesthetics of the place, invest in a few sets of 4 piece canvas art- they can change the dynamics and vibe of the café and, in turn, cut down your expenses!

If you feel indecisive while trying to pick out the most suitable genre of art for your café, opt for Nordic art prints. They are simple, charming, soothing, and unique. They also have a modern essence that makes them perfect for contemporary café decor! Check out these 4 piece Nordic art sets that we handpicked for you:

The Chaplin Affair:

Are you an ardent fan of Charlie Chaplin, and do you want your café to reflect this affection of yours? Look no further, for we have got the perfect piece for you! This set of four Chaplin art prints with relevant and quirky quotes, and stunning caricatures of The Tramp himself, is the one for you! Since the prints are minimalist, they will suit both modern and rustic decor.

The Member Of The Jungle:

This cutesy wall art set of four adorable cartoon animals will give your café a much needed children-friendly vibe. The irregular sizes of the prints lend them a contemporary look that will suit any modern decor. The cartoons will appeal to both children and adults alike and make the space more lively! They will look good against both dark and light-colored backgrounds.

The Nature-Inspired Art Set:

Promote greenery and a nature-friendly way of life in your café with this pleasant 4 piece Nordic art set inspired by flora and fauna around you! These prints are simple, and they exude a positive vibe. The style of these prints is somewhat abstract, which gives them a modern edge. The color palette is soothing on the eyes and will look good against both dark and light-colored walls.

The Zebra Stripes:

Whenever we picture zebra prints, we think of dichromatic art prints consisting only of black and white color. But here is a zebra wall art set with a twist- the splashes of different colors add vibrancy to it. It is perfect if you want to add a dash of color to your neat contemporary decor! If zebras fascinate you, you will definitely adore this set of prints!

The Amalgamation of Florals And Wildlife:

Do you admire abstract floral art? If you do, then you should check out this gorgeous 4 piece Nordic art set of florals combined with unique indigenous caricatures of birds, deer's, and cows. The four prints together form a tempting color palette that would look good in any decor and against any colored wall. They give off a modern-rustic vibe and will spice up the aesthetic factor of your café!

In short, each of these wall art sets is one of a kind- they can liven up any corner and are perfect for promoting a pleasant atmosphere. If you happen to like any of these art prints, head over to our online store. There are even more options that you can choose from, so add them to your cart now!