Cheap Canvas Prints for The Conscious Spender

Cheap Canvas Prints for The Conscious Spender

Posted by Keira Knightley on 26th Aug 2021

Do you like staying on a budget for as long as possible? Then you probably have never considered decorating your home since it sounds like an expensive affair. But it need not always be too costly. Since it is your home, you have complete liberty to decorate it in just any way you wish- neither do you need a professional for this matter, nor spend an astonishing amount of money. One of the easiest ways to amplify your home’s beauty is by adorning your walls with stunning wall art. If you think that is going to cost you a fortune, we have a solution.

We have hand-picked four attractive cheap canvas prints for you that will not be harsh on your pocket but still lend an artsy charm to your home!

The Unending ‘And’

If you are a fan of minimalist decor, you will want to own this simple yet striking typography print with the single ampersand symbol- or the ‘and’ sign. It is unique and quirky and quite symbolic as well. You can put it up beside the coffee table and ensure that your conversations always have an ‘and’ at the end, so it never has to stop! The white and grey tone of the print and the broad white border makes it perfect for both light and dark backgrounds.

The Abstract Trio

Abstract art prints look marvelous in houses with contemporary decor. This set has a pleasing visual balance as it uses three different base tones that will complement every wall color. You can use these prints separately or make a collage with them on your wall. The sober and muted shades are perfect for your study room but will also look good on the dining room wall.

The Linear Print

With this set of art prints on your wall, you will be pleased to see the look of astonishment and confusion on your guests’ face! This print is quirky and one of a kind- it has nothing but hand-drawn black lines that never seem to end. It has a certain charm to it and will look really well against a dark blue or grey colored wall. The sleek golden borders add a contemporary look to the whole set. You can use them in any room to jazz up the decor.

The Hills Are Alive

If you are a travel enthusiast, these alluring images of gorgeous mountains will beckon you to pack your bags and run to them. The mild tones and hues in these prints make them even more eye-catching. You can put them up on your living room wall as an ode to nature or your undying passion for travelling the world.


Our collection of cheap canvas prints does not end here. You can head over to our online site and take a look at the wide variety of wall decor at your disposal. You will inevitably find quite a few that will perfectly suit your home without burning a hole in your pocket! Happy shopping!