Bring Miniature Sculptures to Add an Extra Oomph

Bring Miniature Sculptures to Add an Extra Oomph

Posted by Peter Robert on 6th Apr 2021

Who doesn’t like living in a well-designed and classy looking place? But it takes effort to turn your simple home into a chic one. The way you accessorize your living space can say a lot about your personality and choices- and we are here to help you make the right choice!

We have put together a list of 5 miniature sculptures that are sure to win your heart!

Let’s begin:

Bending with the Wind

Do you feel drawn towards abstract art and its intricacies? If so, then this abstract spiral miniature resin sculpture is one item you would love to own. It is simple yet attractive. Its spiral shape gives off a fluidic look, which makes it very modern. The dark greenish-black color is unique and goes well with any light backdrop. You can keep it on your white marble coffee table to bring out the brightness of this sculpture.

The Metallic Hippo

Like keeping things funky, do you? We have found the perfect miniature animal sculpture for you! Welcome home, this nerdy looking hippopotamus. You can place it in your center table to grab the attention of all the guests! You can also keep it in your office or study to add a little zing to the place. The bright metallic bronze finish makes it suitable for your modern home decor, and the angular structure makes it unique. This resin sculpture is sturdy, so you needn’t worry about its reliability.

The Ballet Dancer

If you enjoy dancing, you will enjoy staring at this miniature bronze sculpture of a ballerina. It is graceful, quaint, and will adorn the corner you keep it in. It will add a touch of the aesthetic to your room decor. The brown color is warm and will complement any light-colored wall. The metallic finish lends the sculpture a contemporary look that is perfect for your modern home.

Jellyfishes on your Table

How would you feel about having a pair of beautiful jellyfishes in your living room? If this idea excites you, you will adore this miniature glass sculpture of two jellyfishes in a water bubble. The jellyfishes look real, owing to the immaculate craftsmanship. The water bubble doesn’t seem artificial, and thus this piece looks even more unique.

The Feline Band

Want something quirky to jazz up your living room decor? We present before you the cat orchestra comprising a lead singer, a saxophone player, and a guitarist. It is a set of 3 miniature animal sculptures made of iron. The metal finish gives it a contemporary look and the little use of color complements it. You can keep it on any light-colored surface to accentuate the silver shine on the figurines.

Did any of the above mentioned miniature sculptures catch your eye? Then what’s stopping you from heading over to our website and ordering your favourite piece right now? Happy decorating!