Bring Animal Sculptures for Room Décor

Bring Animal Sculptures for Room Décor

Posted by Jessica Lange on 16th Jan 2021

Animal-themed artwork never really goes out of style. Living room, dining room, or bedroom, no matter which room you are decorating, you’ll always find space for a stylish animal-inspired piece of art. What can be better than getting animal statues for garden and home interiors that are much more interactive than photographs and paintings? They not only look amazing but also catch everyone’s eyes and act as conversation starters.

If you wish to include a selection of animal statues, sculptures and figurines in your room, we have listed a few animals whose designs will make your room look majestic.


Since time immemorial, horses have been considered as a symbol of royalty and strength. Horse-themed artwork, especially statues and figurines are quite popular among animal-lovers. They can add grandeur to your living room when placed on a pedestal. Metallic horse-inspired figurines are a perfect addition to the bookshelves in your study room.


Who doesn’t love birds? Their colorful designs and patterns are sure to add brightness to your dull and boring home interiors. You must have seen people adding bird paintings to their wall décor, but instead of going for the obvious, you can decorate the shelves with bird statues. Made of metal, glass and clay, these sculptures will add beauty and color wherever they are placed.

Dogs and cats

Can’t have pets in your home? No worries. Your favorite animals can now live with you in the form of 3-D decorative items. These abstract animal figures will not only add fun but also bring life to your room. The bonus of getting these animals into your homes is the lovely company you will enjoy.

Aquatic Animals

The seas and oceans and its organisms are at the center of human culture. Sculptures of aquatic animals like fishes, sea horses, etc. are some of the finest pieces of art you can decorate your home with. These sculptures look fascinating in small size when displayed on shelves or dining tables.


Elephants have spiritual and cultural significance in many cultures. Artifacts inspired by them can be placed in any room to accentuate its interiors. Elephant statues placed in the corner of a room look exotic and warm. Elephant figurines, big or small, will add value and aesthetics to the room. Bring these sculptures to your home and captivate everyone’s attention.

It is rightly said that statues are live objects but paused. They give emotions to the space they are placed in. It doesn’t really matter if you love minimalist or maximalist designs, or if you are into modern or traditional art, animal-inspired sculptures available at Arttree are sure to add style to your home décor. They just blend with every work of art.

Get creative and choose your favorite animal sculptures now!