Breathtaking One Piece Canvas Art Prints To Upgrade Your Room Decor

Breathtaking One Piece Canvas Art Prints To Upgrade Your Room Decor

Posted by Emma Anderson on 10th Jan 2022

No matter how excited you are to revamp your house, you're going to run out of wall decor ideas at some point. But, they're also one of the most important parts of your home in terms of interior design. So, how do you optimize your wall space for the sake of your home's beauty? You go back to the classics!

It's almost impossible to go wrong with one-piece canvas prints. They're low effort since you don't need to match multiple pieces together, and the installation process is really easy too. The key is to find the right pieces.

Here are some of the best prints from our collection to get you started on your decor shopping!

Street Art At Its Best

Graffiti art is one of the most expressive forms of art. The intentionally careless splatter of paints on the canvas instantly catches the attention of every passerby, no matter how many times they've seen the print before. In this piece, "Follow your dreams" is the glaring message. It's meant to remind you of the importance of keeping the spark within you alive.

Whether you're a fan of a street or not, this canvas print is a must-have for people who adore vibrancy in their homes.

Longing For A Home

Andrew Newell Wyeth was an American realist painter known for his rustic paintings that portrayed everyday scenery with immense nuance. "Christina's World" depicts a woman sitting in an empty field and staring at a house far away. The longing in her posture makes the viewer wonder about her connection to the wooden quarters.

This one-piece reproduction print can be an amazing addition to your bedroom due to the calm yet stirring imagery. If you're especially fond of American art, then you can even get it in a bigger size for your living room.

A Breathtaking Foliage

When looking for room decor ideas, nature and wildlife are among the most common picks amongst interior decorators. There's enough reason for it too - a decor filled with greenery helps you stay in touch with the outside world while enjoying the comfort of your home. This gorgeous art print features exotic foliage, which breathes new life into your space. The intricate structure of the leaves contrasts the muted colors on it - hitting the perfect visual balance.

It excels as a one-piece art print because it stands out on its own and can beautify the whole room effortlessly.

The Mystery Woman

Since one-piece art prints are often displayed on their own, they need to have a powerful impact on the viewer. This print of a beautiful dusky woman does exactly that.

Despite the subtle background, the woman's colorful clothing brings liveliness to the print. Even that hat hiding her face is a smart touch since it creates a feeling of ambiguity and keeps onlookers on their toes. The piece's versatility is commendable since it can be placed in your bedroom, living room, kitchen - practically anywhere!

Under the Moonlight

Millions of poems and songs have been composed describing the allure of the moon, but somehow it still never gets old. The print is filled with plenty of bright shades, but the peace and calm it brings to one's mind are incomparable. The city life might not let you see a starry sky clearly, but with this print in your home - you can stare at a clear night view all you want.

This serene scenery deserves a place in your bedroom to build an ambiance that warrants relaxation.


One-piece canvas prints are the easiest to incorporate in your room decor since they don't consume a lot of space but get the job done just as well. Not to mention that it brings your expenses down too. So head on to Arttree to browse through an extensive collection of high-quality art prints that'll soon become a prized possession for you!