Best Music-inspired Sculptures to Buy

Best Music-inspired Sculptures to Buy

Posted by Emma Anderson on 21st Feb 2021

You must have noticed or experienced strong physical and emotional responses when you go to a music concert. From having goosebumps to tears rolling down your eyes, music can have a great impact on our mood. It lifts our spirits up and touches our souls and hearts.

Just like music, visual arts also transport us to another world. Moreover, music and visual art remain closely connected. Visual arts like paintings, canvas prints, home décor sculptures, etc. have always been influenced by music and vice versa.

All artists are connected by the language of creativity and communication of ideas. What is better than music when it comes to expressing oneself? The home décor items you choose speak a lot about your personality and taste.

Suitable for both, indoor and outdoor spaces, sculptures can be a good choice to decorate your homes. And if you are a music lover, you can get music-inspired sculptures to your abode.

From huge statues to small figurines, there’s so much to choose from when it comes to music-inspired indoor sculptures in Australia.

Musical Notes

No matter what the theme of your home décor is, a musical note sculpture can jazz up the entire arrangement. It is one of those basic pieces of art that is loved by everyone, whether a music lover or not. Sculptors make musical notes in different shapes, designs, and materials.

Musician statues

If you like grandeur in your home décor, we might have the perfect décor item for you. Statues of musicians playing the instrument. Some of the most amazing sculptures in the world are those of musicians. While huge statues are made of clay, smaller ones suitable for homes are available in metal and glass. These figurines can be placed anywhere in your home without interfering with the existing home décor. Placing music-inspired statues like these also speak about your interest in music.

Dancing figurines

Dance is yet another art form that derives inspiration from music. No dance is complete without music and it won’t be wrong to say that no home décor is complete without a dancing statue. The relationship between dance and sculpture is not new. It dates back to the prehistoric era when humans made metal statues for temples and other religious purposes.

Musical instruments

Thinking of giving a vibe of music to your home décor? Your wait might just be over. The amalgamation of art and music is mind-blowing. Sculptures of musical instruments like guitar, violin, drum, saxophone, etc. are quite popular among art lovers. You can place big statues on a pedestal in the living room or get home smaller pieces to adorn the tables and shelves.

Whether you are a musician or not, music is one theme that can add elegance and charm to your home décor. And if you love music, there’s no better way to express your affection than getting art pieces inspired by music. Add melody to your home with our music-inspired sculptures for sale.