Animal Glass Figurines That Will Blow Your Mind

Animal Glass Figurines That Will Blow Your Mind

Posted by Peter Robert on 6th Mar 2021

Art is ever-expanding. It’s not something that is limited to one or two ideas and pieces. With every new artwork, it expands to include new ideas and concepts.

This is why these gorgeous glass figurines of animals are also a part of the world of art. While glass has been a part of our lives since time immemorial, people’s craze to decorate their homes with glass figurines in Australia is new.

From those who cannot have pets in their homes to those who love having them around, animal sculptures fit in every house. Oh! And the glass ones will truly blow your mind.

The Marvelously-Crafted Bull

Look at this untamable beauty. The piece is perfectly crafted in glass and can be a good choice to decorate your living room or the entrance. You can also place it on the bookshelf reminding yourselves of its energy and power every time you pick a book.

A Multicoloured Little Fish

Don’t have an aquarium at home? No worries. This cute little fish will fill your room with colors and positive vibes. The vibrant color combinations are sure to lift your mood. Crafted with minute details, this glass figurine is easy to carry, place, and clean.

A Chubby Penguin

Penguins are adorable, right? The moment you see them, you feel like cuddling. This glass penguin just adds to that innocence. Fashion, colors, exquisiteness, it has them all and makes for a perfect piece to adorn your office or study room. Moreover, it’s just impossible to get your eyes off it. So, you better concentrate on work while the penguin watches.

The Cute and Stylish Lion

Of all the adjectives you use for a lion, cute and stylish are perhaps the last ones. But this one is an exception. It’s a little and impactful piece of art that will catch your guests’ attention at once. Did you notice the lion’s eyes? Up and high. That’s how your home décor will look when you get this bright-looking glass sculpture. And if you are a fan of the Lion King, this little Simba will win your heart.

The Wonderful Reindeer

You cannot celebrate Christmas without a reindeer. This piece of the craft will be a cute addition to your collectibles or a perfect gift for your loved ones. Just the right shape and size, to fit in those empty and lonely corners and liven them up. You can buy it when we put up glass animal figurines for sale and save them for your holiday décor.

Bored? Adding these friends from the animal kingdom to your home will give you company.

Sad? Their colors and energy will brighten you up.

Happy? These cute little three dimensional companions will multiply the joy.

Wondering, where to get the best animal glass figurines? Explore our beautifully crafted range of animal figurines and choose your glossy friend.