Affordable Art for Every Home: 5 Cheap Wall Art Australia

Affordable Art for Every Home: 5 Cheap Wall Art Australia

Posted by Sara Taylor on 16th Jun 2023

Our surroundings reflect much about us - our likes and dislikes, habits and routines and most importantly, the kind of people we are. This is why people try to make their homes look as beautiful as possible, inside and out. It feels tempting to decorate your home in your way, with your favourite items. Presently, giving your walls a new life with exquisite paintings and prints is in fashion. But often, this becomes a financial burden. It is not easy to find high-quality art prints at budget-friendly prices. However, there is no need to worry anymore, for Arttree presents to you an extensive collection of cheap wall art in Australia that will make your walls glow.

We have handpicked over 5 cheap wall art Australia prints that we thought you might like.

African Panthera Leo Wall Art

Are you a wildlife fanatic? Then we have what you need - a black and white wall art set of the world’s most majestic animals - the elephant, the lion, the zebra, and the eagle. These prints' light and shadow effect sets them apart from all others.

Aqua Plants

Are you mesmerised by the mysterious world under the ocean that harbours thousands of marvellous creatures that humankind is yet to know? This five-piece wall art print depicting the fantasies of the sea is precisely what you are looking for! It will look fabulous against a light-coloured wall in your home.

Beautiful Loach Sunflowers

If you want something simplistic in style, you can bank on this set of wall art prints. It combines a palette of pastel colors, subdued sepia tones, and lovely sunflowers and daisies to create the perfect minimalistic collage for your living room.

Brine Turtle Canvas Wall Art

This set will give you unbridled joy if geometric and architectural shapes allure you. The beautiful blue and sepia undertones make this an ideal wall art set for a house with modern decor. The intricate detailing gives it a more appealing look.

Chromatic Convoluted Smears

Purely abstract art might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have a particular penchant, this five-piece wall art set should secure a place in your home. The minimalistic use of colors and the monotone in the shapes look classy.


If even one of these cheap wall art Australia prints catches your eye, you will be happy to know there are more to choose from. Visit our online Arttree store, and you will be spoilt for choice. We have an extensive collection of home decor for every mood and occasion.