Add Layers to Your Wall with Large Canvas Prints

Add Layers to Your Wall with Large Canvas Prints

Posted by Sara Taylor on 29th Aug 2021

Size is a crucial factor when you are selecting ideas for your room wall décor. It should not be too small because that will make it lose its charm. A huge one can also result in making the space look small and crowded. However, it is preferable to select slightly bigger and more prominent canvas prints to become statement pieces in the room where you place them. You should find prints that the blank wall is missing and the one that can compete for the look of your interior perfectly.

Online shopping has made everything easier, including art for home décor. So, we are here with some beautiful art ideas that will add perfect layers to your walls.

A Modern Touch

There are several ignored corners of our homes that are missing a slightly artistic touch. These modern canvas art prints are perfect for these corners where the width of the wall is less. It is a stunning abstract pattern in a vertical frame with the ideal color palette. The combination of black, white, and orange is very stylish and can be used for a home makeover anytime. Especially, if you layer this on a black wall with a perfect lighting arrangement, it will look fantastic.

The Pink Troop

Sometimes, you can go beyond the conventional concept of a single print frame. For example, The Pink Troop is a set of three frames featuring beautiful ballerinas in dancing postures. There is a uniformity in the color combination used in all three, with the middle frame featuring a few splashes of blue. The subtlety and softness of these prints allow them to add a happy and peaceful vibe to your home. Moreover, these large canvas prints look best when layered on top of neutral-colored walls.

Vibrant Collage

Graffiti is a very vibrant, fun, and cheerful form of art. So, canvas prints featuring such beautiful work can act as excellent options for wall décor. Graffiti prints exude a sense of freedom, and we love it. Besides, when you place a large print such as this one on your main living room wall, it is bound to become the showstopper. Every guest who visits the house will talk about the print and praise your taste too.

Fashionista Trio

We all love dressing well, and black is something that never goes wrong. So, for all the fashion lovers out there who are thinking of upgrading their homes, here is what you need. Since your home should reflect your style, the Fashionista Trio is the one for everyone who loves to dress up, especially girls. It is a set of three vertical frames featuring a girl in black attire. All three of them have individual styles, and the contrast is what makes it so unique. Moreover, the black and white combination is simple and yet forever-classy.

Winter Style

Every home requires a touch of fun and quirk. So, we suggest you check out this fun squad all geared up for winter. All these cute animals have funny expressions and accessories. Large canvas prints such as these initiate fun conversations and help to maintain a cheerful ambience in the home. Besides, if you are an animal lover, these cute cartoons are surely going to impress you!


Layering the walls with perfect canvas prints is not very difficult. Besides, we are here to help you with some excellent ideas. If you like the suggestions above, we suggest you explore the whole collection to find more awesome prints for your home.