8 Most Popular 3 Panel Canvas Paintings for Modern Décor

8 Most Popular 3 Panel Canvas Paintings for Modern Décor

Posted by John Wright on 13th Feb 2022

Make your home the most beautiful place to live in that too, without spending a hefty amount of money. Arttree has got affordable wall décor design solutions for your home.

Check out some amazing 3-panel canvas paintings that top the list of popular artworks.

Streaks and Speckles Wall Art

This abstract design portrayed in the modern heavy textured painting is truly a delight for your home. Be it your living room or bedroom, this 3-panel painting will surely enliven your space, and make it worth every attention.

Long-Horned Deer Wall Art Set

Depicting a subject most unique is our forte. This painting represents the deer, flying birds, and leaves so beautifully that it’s hard to take your eyes off this piece. Adorn the empty walls with this artistic creation, and get ready to receive a bagful of compliments from your guests.

Geometric Figure Wall Art Set

Do you want to set your interiors apart? Well, we have got the easiest design solution to give a transformative look to your décor settings. Use this 3-panel oil painting that represents the Zigzag line, circular, rectangle, and abstract geometric figures. It’s time to add interest to the existing décor.

Leaves and feathers wall art set

The golden-hued leaves and silky touch of bluish feathers represented in this painting can create a visual interest in the room. Whether it is a living room, bedroom, or dining space, this piece will add grace and luxury to the ambiance instantly.

Gaudy Wall Art Decor

Do you want to give your interiors a striking look and feel? Well, if you are looking for something highly appealing to the eyes, then choose this painting with bright-colored abstract designs and patterns. We bet, once you hang these pieces on the wall, no one can afford to avoid looking at them.

Chromatic Design Wall Art Set

Complementing the sofa set and cushion covers, this painting is adding luster to the living room. From the marble-inspired chromatic design to the colorful shade spots and abstract textures, this handmade creation is every homeowner’s dream. Let your empty wall feel the pleasure of embracing this timeless beauty.

Maculas Wall Art Set

To give your bedroom a relaxing and comforting vibe, it is essential to play with subtle colors and patterns. This abstract painting depicts bluish and yellowish tones that appear soothing to the eyes. It is 100% hand-painted premium artwork that instantly becomes a focal point of the room.

Blots Wall Art Set

From browns to golden to yellows, and greys, every color has its charm, and you will realize it once you look at this painting keenly. The heavy texture hand-painted by an artist makes this artwork the most preferred element for wall décor.

Arttree offers a huge collection of 3-piece wall art that will cover the emptiness of your bare walls in a jiffy, thereby giving your interiors a refreshing look. Visit us today, and find the best creations to adorn your walls with.