7 Sleek Figurines For Your Classy Home

7 Sleek Figurines For Your Classy Home

Posted by Sara Taylor on 25th Feb 2021

Were you planning to amp up your home aesthetic quotient? You can place pretty little figurines and statues at strategic spots in your home to quickly get the look that you want! Today we can help you find these aesthetically pleasing sleek figurines for your lovely abode. Without further ado, let’s get started!

The Congo Man

If you are a musician, this sleek figurine of a man playing the congo will suit your taste. This piece gives off a rock' n' roll vibe which can jazz up any dull corner of your room! The unique red, black, and white color combination is eye-catching, and the golden sheen makes it more lively. You can put this on any marble tabletop to bring out its brightness.

The Sea Shell

Do you have an eye for everything quirky, uncommon, and unique? Then we have found the perfect item for you. This is a nautilus shell themed figurine. The nautilus is widely known to symbolize growth, order, and renewal, and that comes as an added advantage! The pure white marble base of this piece gives it a classy edge. The metal frame gives it an antique look. This will go well with a clear glass table or stand.

Little Birdies

If you are drawn to the little things in nature, you will be happy to own this set of bird metal statues. It is simplistic, and the iron wired structure gives it a rustic look. The minimalist style will go well with your modern home décor. The metallic finish is very chic, as well. You can place it on any white tabletop, or use it as an accessory for your quaint garden.

The Kiss

Need something to bring out the romantic in you? This metal figurine of a kissing couple is all you require. It is very sleek and romantic and will sync perfectly with any contemporary room décor. The bronze color and the gold shine add to the aesthetic. You can put it on a stand near your bed, or your dressing table, or on any white or beige-colored table. A light backdrop will help in bringing focus to the slender figurine.

Rainbow on your Table

Who doesn't adore the rainbow? Almost all of us are drawn to it, and sometimes a splash of the seven bright colors is all we need to turn a day around. Bring some color into your explicit rooms with this stunning glass figurine. It is a mood lifter and will infuse a sense of joy in your décor. The sleek and slender structure is relatively modern and classy. You can place it against any plain backdrop to enjoy its beauty.

Lost in Dance

Always wanted something graceful for your coffee or dinner table? This white resin statue is not only classy but delicate and slender as well. The fluidic feel of this piece is very pleasing and will go well with modern décor and furniture. This sleek figurine of the dancing girl is sure to attract any dance-loving soul. Place it against any dark-colored wall to bring out the details.

Against Gravity

If quirky and statement pieces are what you are looking for, here's one that will become a conversation starter at every gathering. It is fun, unique, and definitely out of the box. It is indeed very sleek and abstract but not too in-the-eye. It has a minimalist feel which gives off a modern vibe. The blue color used is stunning and can flatter any corner of your room. The metallic finish and shine add to the splendor.

In short, each of these sleek figurines can revitalize your classy home. No matter where you put these gorgeous statues, they will draw attention to themselves. With little effort, you can change the way your home looks and feels!