7 Resin Sculptures for an Insta-worthy Home

7 Resin Sculptures for an Insta-worthy Home

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 13th Dec 2021

These days Instagram is flooded with home décor items that look minimalistic and suave. These smooth textured sculptures that have been floating around your feed are resin sculptures!

Unlike glass or porcelain, resin duplicates the same glazed look but with much higher durability. It's a perfect option for a home with kids running around or is prone to clumsy mishaps.

Here are some of Arttree finest resin sculptures to decorate your space.

A Biblical Beast

This resin sculpture of a horse without its limbs reminds you of something that might be excavated from Biblical times. Its texture and color are the epitomal of classic chic.

The Human form in Vermillion

Although humans are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, this chiselled sculpture in deep red leaves an incredible impact on the viewer. If you're a fan of modern art, then there's no way you can miss out on this one!

The beauty of the Unfinished

This incomplete bust looks like it was taken off by a philosopher who lived centuries ago. It reminds you of Greek and Roman relics that have made their way into modern museums.

If you love timeless European designs, then this sculpture will soon become a prized possession for you.

Minimal and Majestic

This sculpture of a girl with a flower is in all white, so it seems calm and serene at first glance. But its flowy structure tingles your curiosity and urges you to keep looking.

If an all-white décor is what fits your groove, then add this piece to your collection without thinking twice!

Deep in Thought

This sculpture evokes something deep within everybody. It represents the hours you spend thinking in your own space, battling your mind. Bring this home to have a piece of home décor that you connect with.

The Muted Flames

This contemporary sculpture shows flames in a muted shade to remove the fear factor. Instead, it leaves you staring at the beauty of the blaze.

A Pop of Orange

This sculpture can easily be associated with legos or a pop-culture symbol. It's playful, flamboyant, and captures everybody's attention. It can be a wonderful centerpiece in your bedroom, living room, study - basically everywhere. On top of it all, it comes in the shape of a beloved animal!


Resin sculptures are hard to miss due to their shiny exterior and bold colors. Arttree wide collection of resin figurines gives you the freedom to choose any theme for your room and experiment with different décor ideas. The sculptures are available in a variety of sizes do whether you're looking for a small curio or a focal point for your room, we've got it all for you at an affordable price.