6 Piece Canvas Art Print Sets to Create Gallery Walls Effortlessly!

6 Piece Canvas Art Print Sets to Create Gallery Walls Effortlessly!

Posted by Keira Knightley on 16th Jan 2022

Gallery walls are one of the easiest ways to take your wall decor from 0 to 100. But, despite the visual impact gallery walls tend to leave on the viewer, people often tend to stray away from them due to the cost and hard work involved. It could take you months to just come up with enough matching pieces to even start curating your wall, but who's got the time for that? This is why 6 piece canvas print sets can be your ultimate savior!

Since so many complementary pieces can be found in the same set, it gives you the flexibility to use each piece individually or in a group. Here are some of the best prints in our collection to help you gather some ideas before your next shopping spree!

An Assortment of Typography

Typography prints mostly contain black and white elements, but they're far from being "basic". Art print sets that follow a monochromatic theme are much easier to incorporate into a room. So, this set can add chicness to all areas of your house effortlessly. If you have colorful or patterned walls, place these prints against them to create a delightful sight.

The Adorable Animal Kingdom

One of the most fun areas of the house to decorate is the kid's room. Children are often fascinated by animals and animated characters - blend the two, and you've got yourself a winning deal!

This 6 Piece of Canvas Art Print displays various animals in cute drawing styles. The bright yet lovely colors are bound to win your kid's heart. They will get an extra ounce of inspiration by simply looking at the art prints. If you have younger kids, it also gives you an excellent opportunity to teach them the names of common animals.

Ethnic Patterns To Die For

The pattern in the given print set draws inspiration from Moroccan tiling and architectural designs. You can often find this motif in ancient buildings, which offers these prints not only an ethnic touch but also connects them back to vintage art.

You can install them against a white or deep block-colored background to achieve optimum results. The best thing about them is the versatility they warrant - you can hang these prints individually around the house if you want or create different geometrical arrangements using them. The more creative, the better!

The King of Comedy

Charlie Chaplin is one of the greatest comedians of all time. He put the humor genre on the map by releasing some of the greatest hits of all time. Even in times when the whole world was suffering due to traumatic events, Chaplin knew how to put a smile on people's faces. This canvas print set is an ode to the comic genius.

There are bright visuals on the prints and famous quotes by the legend himself. If you're a fan of Charlie Chaplin or just filmmaking in general - this set could become an extension of your personality. It'd let you draw inspiration from the talented actor and give everybody who comes to your house a glimpse of your interests and likes.


6 Piece Canvas Art Print set to take the pressure to find different wall art elements off of you. You get the utility of having 6 prints under just a one-product pay structure. Hence, getting these sets is a great decision for your home decor and your finances!

At Arttree, you can find a wide range of art prints to choose from and never struggle with finding products that are right for your home's color scheme. The fuss-free and waterproof ink used to create the prints increases its longevity and lets you enjoy the beauty of your wall decor for years to come.