6 Modern Impasto Textured Knife Paintings

6 Modern Impasto Textured Knife Paintings

Posted by Sara Taylor on 6th May 2021

Every home needs an artistic touch. What can lend that touch better than a painting itself? Thus paintings have become an essential home decor item. Out of the various art genres, textured knife paintings seem to have caught the crowd’s attention. It is mostly owing to the dimensions one can see in an impasto painting that it has become famous. If you have been searching for palette knife paintings, then look no further. We have a collection of 6 stunning artworks that will win your heart.

The White Flowers

Here we have for you a palette knife painting floral that will look lovely no matter where you put it. The floral petals are painting using palette knives, which give it a sculptured look. The background is an abstract impasto background, and it lends the painting a contemporary feel. The dark and colorful backdrop brightens up the white flowers and gives it the center stage. If you hang it in your drawing room, your guests will inevitably shower you with compliments.

The Yellow Tree

Yellow is a bright and happy color. A little yellow can add much-needed positivity and charm to your room. If you want to induce a sense of joy and cheer in your home, you should consider getting hold of this beautiful palette knife painting floral. The white textured background is perfect for the yellow impasto florals. They look vibrant and full of life.

You can keep this artwork in your bedroom to reap the benefits of the delightful color. Any dark pastel-shaded wall will suit the painting.

The Rainbow Body

If you like unique artworks that stand out among the rest, then you will admire this art piece in particular. It is the painting of the back of a nude woman, but the artist added some bright and exuberant colors to give a new dimension to the artwork. There is something personal and intimate about this painting, and thus it might be best for your room. You can put it up on any dark or light-colored wall- it is versatile and will shine alike.

The Wall Garden

Everyone enjoys staring at pretty flowers. Flowers have an intrinsic quality of spreading joy. Wouldn't you like a pleasant atmosphere in your home all day? We suggest you keep this painting in your abode. The backdrop is an abstract textured rainbow. Even rainbows are known to spread happiness- thus, this is a happy painting as a whole. It will look good against a white wall as the vibrant colors will appear brighter. The sleek golden border lends a contemporary look that will blend well with your home decor.

The Flower Vase

We all like flower bouquets. Bringing home a bouquet means bringing home a little happiness. But these bouquets do not last longer than a few days. What’s the best way of preserving a vase of flowers? Bringing home a painting of the same. Its beauty will never fade. One such artwork is this textured knife painting. The presentation is impressive.

You can keep this artwork in your hallway or drawing-room and stare at it all day long.

The White Leaves

If you are eyeing for something stunning yet minimalist? Then take a look at this palette knife painting abstract; it will be perfect for you. The simple white impasto leaves in this artwork will appear brighter against a dark and dull background. You can put this in your study as it has a tranquilizer effect. It will go well with contemporary home decor.

Did any of the above-mentioned textured knife paintings grab your attention? Then what are you waiting for? Visit our website and opt for your favourite hand made painting.