6 Best Floral 2 Piece Paintings for Your Living Room

6 Best Floral 2 Piece Paintings for Your Living Room

Posted by Peter Robert on 18th Apr 2021

Are you thinking of adding some artistic touch to your home, but not sure about the incurring cost? Well, worry not, for you have landed on the right page! Putting up paintings in your rooms is now a widely used method to enhance their beauty. They are cost-efficient, long-lasting, and add a delightful charm to your living space. With beautiful paintings at your disposal, you will not even need professional help, and you can customize the look of your rooms just the way you want to!

If you are confused about the type of art that is best suited for your home, you can blindly trust floral art. They are soothing, captivating, and creative and can alter the look and vibe of a room! To help you choose the perfect room wall decor, we have talked about six floral 2-piece paintings here. They are:

The Giant Pink Poppies

This canvas artwork is for anyone who wants a painting that will immediately catch the eye of any passerby! The beautiful pink color and the white brushstrokes defining the details on the poppy petals bring out this illustration's delicateness. The greyish-white backdrop gives more focus to the hand-painted flowers. It will look great on your living room and bedroom wall, and a slightly dark-colored wall will be the perfect background.

The Enchanting Tulips

Tulips are indeed unique and attractive- their glamour stems from their vibrant colors and beautiful shapes. If you also are as charmed by tulips as us, you should have a look at this 2-piece painting of a bunch of pink tulips swaying against a very aesthetically pleasing background. A light-colored wall will flawlessly complement this room wall decor.

The Butterfly and The Cosmos

If you like simplistic abstract art, this might be the one for you. This split canvas artwork of a little white butterfly flying towards a bright yellow cosmos flower reminds you of the little intricacies of nature. It will look great against a light-shaded backdrop, and you can hang it above the sofa set in your living room.

The Garden of Enchantments

If you like beautifully detailed floral artworks, bring home this 2-piece canvas oil painting of a garden full of vibrant irises. Though the artwork is bright and vivid, yet the various shades of blue and green give it a calm tone. This wall art will attract your guests’ attention no matter where you keep it- so prepare yourself for some much-deserved appreciation!

A Sea of White Poppies

Add a vintage charm to your room with this retro-style abstract botanical painting. The bright white poppy flowers look exquisite against the dark silver background and will give off a beautiful glow when placed against a pastel-shaded wall.


This wall art set of two intricately painted peony flowers is not only an eye-catcher but also has a certain aura to it. The pink and white shades of the flowers appear in perfect contrast with the abstract background. The artwork is simple, as it is not crowded by any elements other than the big peonies. Your living room will appear livelier with this painting on one of the walls.

In short, floral art can be a game-changer when strategically placed and consciously accessorized. Their appeal generally lies in their simplicity, and hence you need not worry about any of these paintings being too over-the-top! If you are convinced about getting floral room wall decor, check out our website and choose your favourite from our wide range of collections!