5 Vibrant Tree Paintings For Your Living Room

5 Vibrant Tree Paintings For Your Living Room

Posted by Elizabeth Taylor on 25th Mar 2021

If you think about which kind of art will suit your house the best, sticking to nature paintings is the safest option. Nature paintings are neither too loud nor too subtle but perfectly blend in with every type of home decor. To help you find the best-suited wall-hanging artwork for your home, we have selected 5 vibrant tree paintings that you will love!

The Snowy Moors

Bring home a sense of peace with this beautiful painting of a moor covered in snow. The selection of colors and the brushwork is commendable. The sunlight sifting through the tall trees infuses a little hope in the mind of the onlooker.

The painting is an example of modern art, and hence it will seamlessly blend in with contemporary home decor. You can place it against any light or beige-colored wall for the best effect. It will look good in your hallway or even in your study.

The Wise Old Tree

If you are looking for a canvas tree painting with a vintage vibe, you might want to look at this artwork. It is a menagerie of vintage, abstract, and textured art forms. It gives off a strong modern feel. The rough textures add more dimension to the painting.

This painting is best suited for your living room since it is eye-catching and unique. The sleek golden frame adds to its classy look. It will look good on both light and dark-colored walls owing to its neutral color palette.

The Tree Of Colors

If you are fond of bright and colorful artworks, then we have got the right piece for you. Here is an innovative tree painting which looks pretty. The tree's simple green leaves are replaced with leaves of various colors- blue, yellow, pink, and red. The little white flowers act as highlighters and brighten up the whole painting. This painting will also look good on both dark and light-colored walls.

The Golden Bush

Does the gold color fascinate you? Then you will admire this canvas tree painting of trees with bushy golden leaves. It is a striking modern artwork that exudes a sense of luxury and power. It is minimalistic but not too subtle. It will look good not in your living room, but also on your office wall. The thin golden frame of the painting accentuates the whole look. A dark pastel-colored fence is perfect for this artwork.

The Abstract Imprints

If abstract art attracts you, bring home this tree painting. On an abstract background of indigo and grey shades, the three trees’ white, silver, and gold impressions stand out. It is a very contemporary approach towards nature painting and is one-of-a-kind.

You can amp up your living room decor with this painting.

These canvas tree paintings are not only elegant but have a touch of quirk. They will grab a lot of eyeballs!