5 Textured Artworks for the Abstract Lover in You

5 Textured Artworks for the Abstract Lover in You

Posted by Sara Taylor on 14th Apr 2021

Refurbishing your house might not seem like an easy task, but adding a few artistic elements can change its look and feel. Wall hanging canvas paintings work magic in this regard. Paintings speak a lot about the taste and choices of the owner, so select them wisely. Abstract paintings are in trend now, and rightly so. They exude a sense of uniqueness, which attracts attention. These abstract artworks have various types as well- one of them being heavy texture art. To make your hunting process easy, we have selected 5 texture artworks that you would love to own!

The Shining Waves

If you are fond of the deep blue waters, then you will like this piece. The brushwork here is exquisite- it seems as if the smooth waves are in motion. The shades of blue blend in perfectly with the white and grey tones of the artwork. The gold detailing on the waves and the gold birds give it a modern touch and raise the painting to a whole new platform.

You can put this up in your drawing room wall for a calming effect. It will go well against a light or white color backdrop.

The Waterscape

Here is another texture artwork for the sea lover. The view looks enticing. The white, blue, green, and all the shades in-between blend in smooth with each other. The gold details give an edge to the painting and make it appear even more vibrant. It will go well with modern home decor. You can put this up on any light-colored wall. It is best suited for your office wall or study.

The Grand Piano

If you love music, then this is for you. It is an abstract painting of a grand piano- one can see the artist's creativity in the choice of colors. The piano is not black, brown, or white- it has many colors that make the artwork more interesting. The textured background gives the painting a rustic vibe. It will blend well with contemporary home decor. If you have a studio, this painting will look best there. You can also put it in your drawing room to let your guests stare at this marvel.

The Color Flow

Are you looking for a texture painting that is eye-catching but minimalist at the same time? We have the perfect piece for you. This rose gold and gold abstract artwork gives off a sense of tranquility. There is no other aspect to this painting- it just shows the whimsical flow of color. You can put this over your couch in your drawing room or over your bed in your bedroom. The panoramic size will give a new dimension to your room.

The Infinity

This oil painting is an interesting one. The placement of the stones forms an infinity symbol, which is the focus of this art piece. This symbol is heavily textured and stands out against the smooth blue background. It is a contemporary artwork and will blend in well with modern decor. It will look good on your drawing-room wall.

These paintings can also serve as great gifts. Each of these is hand painted by talented artists and hence is one of a kind. Check out our collection to select one for yourself!