5 Tasteful Knife Paintings That Blend Art with Texture

5 Tasteful Knife Paintings That Blend Art with Texture

Posted by Josh Phillips on 28th Mar 2022

Out of all the amazing techniques used to create masterpieces in the realm of art, palette knife painting is all about applying paint to the canvas using a metal painting knife. It is also known as an impasto technique and was used by the iconic Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh.

In this method, the painter uses thick layers of paint on the canvas. It produces splendid effects and makes the artwork look exceptional. If the rich swirling textures, a sweeping blend of colors, dabbing spots and layers entice you and wish to decorate the barren wall of your home with a knife painting, then you’ve landed in the right place.

At Arttree, you will find a huge collection of textured knife paintings that will take your room décor to new heights. Let’s get started!

Flaws Wall Artwork

With a stunning wall décor item, you can truly transform the interiors of your home. This 3-piece canvas artwork is created by an artist through a palette knife. The golden spots and colorful shade flaws designed with an abstract touch are a timeless beauty that will never run out of style. It’s time to give a mesmerizing makeover to your living room.

Drouth Trees Wall Art Set

Classy in appearance and soothing to the eyes, this 3-piece handmade oil painting with textures made by a palette knife deserves to be hung on the wall of your room. With excellent color combinations and the natural look of the drouth, trees are made to make your days bright and evenings joyful. A beige sofa set and blue cushions and rug are used to go well with the artwork.

Floral Orchard Wall Art Set

A nature-inspired artwork never fails to make us feel delighted with its glorious beauty and charm. Whether it is a garden or a mountain, we quickly feel refreshed outdoors. Let’s experience this feeling of bliss indoors with this multi-panel oil painting. It depicts an alluring orchard with colourful and charming flowers. Make this treasure yours, and you will surely receive compliments on your elegant décor choice from guests and relatives.

Splotches Wall Art Set

The splotches design in this abstract heavy texture painting will enrich the ambiance of your space in an instant. When you have this artistic palette knife wall art in your home, you certainly don’t need any other décor accessory or object to add style to the interiors. This eye-appealing piece is enough to up the décor game.

Zigzag Spots Wall Art Set

From the use of vivid, bright colors to the zigzag spots design, in this textured palette knife painting, you will find every possible design element to grab eyeballs. As it looks captivating, you can go for earthy and natural tones in sofa upholstery and cushions to balance out the color scheme in the room.

Arttree offers an exclusive collection of textured knife paintings in a huge variety of colors and sizes. Moreover, the style and pattern of texture differ as well to give every art a distinctive identity. Take a deep dive into our products, and buy the ones you love the most.